Forumer of the month - May ⚒

I’m ok with it :joy: :+1:

Thanks! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

When will it start? (Just asking theres no rush :slight_smile: )

Anything for our almighty king of memes.

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After a victor for each category is chosen, the three move to the finals where you make the final vote.

Aww, thanks. :3

June 10th when the nomination period has ended. First we vote per category and then we will go to the final vote.

I can’t wait! Good luck everyone!

I better release the Barley/Facilier campaign one of these days for getting bonus points in the creative category

I’m pretty sure that idea was already taken by @TotallyNotDash when he made that thread yesterday. That’s kinda sus :thinking:
Barley and dr facilier friendship campaign

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Of course, he is Dash

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So is that link you posted :eyes:

But this link of yours leads to Youtube :thinking:

Why spark. I had a chance to rickroll rino.:joy:

“Don’t ask why, ask why not”-@BlackBOY

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Haha, dumb. I´ve memorized all the rickrolls links someone would use

It was a named link, also the dumb part I took personally.

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Wait wasnt blackboys profile suspended?

Why do you use the same link

(this is getting off topic)

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Sorry, I forgot.:disappointed_relieved:

I wonder who will win?

I cant wait

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