Forumer of the month - May ⚒

We have a Forumer Community Manager of the Month!

Nominations have closed!! Now you can choose in three categories who moves to the final vote!

Welcome back to Forumer of the month! In this final round before the Summer break, we will examine the great Forumers of May!! In homage to the first-ever Forumer of the Month round, which was to determine the Forumer of the Month May, we will once again have three categories.

So the change for this month is that we will have three categories, for which you can nominate up to two people! The three categories are chosen by all of you in last month’s feedback polls. Those are Important Activity, Attitude and Creative Content Creator!! So that means Best Forum-Gamer and Helpfullness will only return after the Summer Break Sorry Dash, you can’t win Best Forum-Gamer here

The restrictions on the nominations that were put in place last month do return, so beware of them. In practice, it means you cannot nominate AbuBakr-Umar this month and four people cannot be nominated in the same category as last month. Those people are Filadae_Djaq (Important Activity), Kira and Commander-Rex (both Attitude), and Just_Phal (Creative Content Creator). You can celebrate other qualities of those four for this round!

You still have the choice to nominate in public or private via PM.

These are the categories:

  • Important Activity: Are they coming online enough? Do they post enough? Are their posts relevant and important to the discussion?
  • Attitude: Are they being nice to other forumers? Are they so funny they made you laugh all the time?
  • Creative Content Creator: Are they exceptional in making concepts? Do they make nice memes? Do they create good stories?


Polaris: why should they be the former of the month? “Because its Polaris and that’s why they should be in category X."
Discobot: why should they be the forumer of the month? “Because its discobot and that’s why they should be in category X."
Player: why should they be the forumer of the month? “Because they play and that’s why they should be in category X."
Player: Why should they be the forumer of the month? “Because they play and that’s why they should be in category X."
Player: why should they be the forumer of the month? “Because they play and that’s why they should be in category X."

How do we decide who wins?

There will be a poll. With the three categories, I will put the different choices in the polls, and whoever has the most votes wins. Then there will be three people left whoever wins is the forumer of the month.

You do not have to @ the forumer you choose. I don’t want to be responsible for spam.

Please play fair, no alts!

Submissions are open now and close on 10 June at 21:00 CEST / 20:00 BST / 15:00 EDT. The voting in different categories will follow in the days after.


Important Activity

  • Loutre
  • Polaris
  • Imagineer_V
  • TotallyNotDash
  • Commander-Rex
  • Musketeer


  • TherMasterStitch
  • One_Little_Spark
  • LilRubyKinz
  • MissingLure
  • Dove

Creative Content Creator

  • Miraculous_Lance
  • Filadae_Djaq
  • Zelkiiro
  • RinoxeRONte
  • PawpsicleSticks
  • Champion_David
  • Thred
  • Wilde_Times

Hall of Fame

Forumer of May 2020 : @LetsGetDangerousBro
Forumer of June 2020 : @Filadae_Djaq
Forumer of October 2020 : @Irrer-Minnie
Forumer of the year 2020: @Imagineer_V
Forumer of February 2021: @Myeong
Forumer of March 2021: @One_Little_Spark
Forumer of April 2021: @AbuBakr-Umar


:cry: :sob:


Loutre :upside_down_face: (a very nice and welcome addition to the forums and I think he/she will do great)

TherMasterStitch (love the Stitch and Pooh joy)

Miraculous Lance (always making great art with his concepts. It’s a two for one for free)


@Filadae_Djaq for Creative Content Creator: The Resurrection for Don Taco Puzzle Game has been really fun and it’s very creative! :grin:


Guess I’ll be the one to nominate Polaris for important activity? :upside_down_face:



Well now you can be on the cover of a magazine like Mike :smiley:


Loutre already has my vote :grinning:

Sorry everyone else.

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And Rusty will be Co-Forumer of the Month :joy:


I’ll nominate @Zelkiiro to creative content creator, his concepts are really high quality


Yes, yes you are!!

And I’m glad to see so! I had already hoped someone would do so as a kind of goodbye gift! And if no one hadn’t done it, I would have done it myself

Me think of nominations

Attitude: @One_Little_Spark for helping me learn the ropes of the forums and generally being the best-forum-friend any new forumer could ask for.

Creative content creator: @Rinoxeronte . This one doesnt need explanation because I know his as ‘the king of memes’. Seriously though, hes really good at making memes and making people laugh. He is also really great at making concepts.

(his concepts)

Rino´s realm of concepts

And finally, important activity goes to @Imagineer_V . She is online almost 24/7, she replys to allot of different posts on forums and they are always relevant to the discussion.


Thank you.
But I already won one time.

And she already won forumer of 2020.


She… but thank you!

I probably do not deserve it for what I have done but THANK YOU.

FOY is not FOM so I think it is ok… but I would check with Lucas.

OMG small quotes!! :smile: It is so adorable.

Do I have to vote for all the categorys?

And small polls!

  • Small polls
  • small poIls

0 voters

(this will get off topic if we keep going though, lol.)

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I’m going to keep the imagineer one up until I get an answer just incase it is ok.

I added reasons.

Okay to clarify:

The person that was the Forumer of the Month last time cannot be nominated this month. (In this case AbuBakr-Umar)

However, I never forbid to nominate someone who has been Forumer of the Month once before.
So @One_Little_Spark can be nominated. It’s not against the rules. (If Spark does not want to be nominated, than the situation is different, but that was not the question I think)

The voting has not started yet, but both the case is the same for voting and nominating. Both are by no means mandatory.

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