Frank Wolff (Jungle Cruise Hero Concept)

Frank Wolff

The Amazon’s most adventurous skipper Frank Wolff sets sail for an adventure the City will not forget. Sure, he’s a little rough around the edges, but his strength and charisma are much needed in times like these.
Trial Team: Blue
Role: Frontline Damage
Stars: :star:
Quote: “First of all, let me congratulate you on your excellent choice of skipper. Of all the jungle cruises you could take in the Amazon, this one is undoubtedly… the cheapest, but also the most thrilling.”

Entrance: Frank swings into the battlefield on a rope, pats off his hat, and puts it back on.
Victory: Frank plays his guitar.
KO: Frank gets frustrated, dishonored at himself for his defeat.

Basic Attack: Frank punches enemies.

White Skill - Wonder of the World - Normal Damage
Frank triggers a waterfall that falls onto enemies, dealing X damage and slowing their attack speed by 60% for 7 seconds. Allies, looking at the backside of the waterfall, are inspired and have their max HP increased by 60%.

Green Skill - Here, Kitty Kitty
Frank throws a ball, sending his leopard Proxima charging through enemies to retrieve it. Enemies hit by Proxima take X damage.


Blue Skill - Sleeping Darts
Frank calls for the Puka Michuna tribe to shoot blow-darts at enemies, dealing X damage and stunning them for 8 seconds.

Purple Skill - Lift the Curse
Frank is invincible until all allies have reached 50% their max HP. After Frank loses his invincibility, he gains 1.5x more HP and energy. His armor is increased to X.

Red Skill - Welcome to the Jungle
Frank’s “Here, Kitty Kitty” skill steals X reality from enemies. Each time Frank has a debuff applied to him, he cannot take damage from enemies, but is still effected by the debuff.

  • +X max HP
  • +X Basic damage
  • +X damage to Wonder of the World

Frank Wolff + Bagheera
Campaign: Predator Prime - During one of Frank’s commercial cruises, Bagheera hops aboard his boat after being overwhelmed by creeps. As he and Frank venture through the ongoing tour, Frank and Bagheera utilize the staged theatrical dangers to take the creeps down.
Disk: For a Good Claws
Disk Memory: Proxima deals X additional damage to enemies each time Frank performs his “Here, Kitty Kitty” skill.
Disk Power: Z max HP
Allies: Mickey Mouse, Nick Wilde, Donald Duck

Frank Wolff + Maui
Campaign: Curses! - Maui and Frank team up to hunt down and break curses of all kinds throughout the City. Some help is required, as their skillsets are limited, but they eventually come to realize that some curses are the foundations of one’s uniqueness, and are therefore better off left alone.
Disk: Community Immunity
Disk Memory: Each time Frank performs his “Sleeping Darts” skill, allies take 45% less damage from enemies that were not stunned.
Disk Power: Z White Skill power
Allies: Buzz Lightyear, Flik, Alice

(the friendship listed above is an obvious nod to both Frank Wolff and Maui being played by actor Dwayne Johnson)



In the Amazon there are JAGUARS

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