Wasabi concept

Hi, I´m here again and this concept was requested by @Dr-Doofenshmirtz, hope you enjoy it and at the end please post all feedback


Stars: :star2::star2:
Quote: Quarantine? Do you guys know what quarantine means?!
Role: Tank
Team: Red


Entrance: he walks into his position
Victory: he jumps excited and put his fist up
Defeat: he screams terrrified
Basic attack: he punches someone with his laser beam


:white_circle: White skill: Laser induced plasma
Wasabi brings his laser induced plasma table for 10 seconds and all projectiles are blocked for 10 seconds, the blocking of projectiles can fail if the enemies are above X level

:green_circle: Green skill: The light´s red
The two most front enemies see a red light, this deals X damage and stuns the enemies for 7 seconds, the stun can fail if the enemies are above X level

:large_blue_circle: Blue skill: laser beam - Normal damage :fist:
Wasabi dodges a projectile increasing his attack speed by 10% for 7 seconds and deals X damage, he can increase his attack speed until 60% with this skill.

:purple_circle: Purple skill: What´s the plan
When wasabi is under the 25% of his max HP he gains 100% attack speed, X tenacity and X HP

:red_circle: Red skill: All has it’s place
When Laser induced plasma is being used all the enemies have their attack speed reduced by 50%, the reduction of velocity can fail if the enemies are above X level.

+X Normal crit
+Y healing to Fear of heights
+Z damage to laser beam


Everything to fear
Allies: Gaston, Slinky and Ursula
Buff: Slowed enemies deal 15% less damage to Wasabi
+15% per star

Where´s the school
Allies: Simba & Nala, Hank & Dory and Scar
Buff: What´s the plan can be used at the 30% of his max HP
+5% per star


Please post all feedback and how would you rate this concept?

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Also, should I change the quote?:thinking::sweat_smile::joy:

It means suffer lol

Also he doesn’t seem very Tankish, more Damagey

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I don’t think so honestly, it fits perfectly with the modern scenario we’re all in. And this was super fun, I love how you gave him a friendship with Fear, that’s just genius

I also love this idea for a dodge. We need more creative dodge skills like this. Awesome job! Also, thank you for submitting my request, lol

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