Fred's monster. My 4th TV show concept

The Kentucky Kaiju

1 star
Trial team- red
Quote- “roar”
Description- Fred’s dream toy an electronic robot monster dominates the battle with its many gadgets and monster like attacks.

Entrance- the Kentucky kaiju jumps into battle
Victory- the Kentucky kaiju roars with triumph
Defeat- the Kentucky kaiju falls backwards onto the battlefield


Basic attack- the Kentucky kaiju roars at enemies dealing x damage

White skill- Kentucky stomp
The Kentucky kaiju jumps on the closest enemy dealing x damage and stunning for x seconds

Green skill- Kentucky fire
The Kentucky kaiju roars dealing x damage then and blows fire at enemies dealing x more damage. The fire burns x and the roar does knockback.
Burn has chance to fail above level x

Blue skill- Kentucky splash
The Kentucky kaiju jumps off screen into a “bay” the water sprays up out of the "bay dealing x damage and freezing for x seconds. The water heals everyone on your team x.

Purple skill- Kentucky power
During Kentucky fire the Kentucky kaiju sheilds himself for x seconds.

Red skill coming soon


Mechanical monster
The Kentucky Kaiju, Syndrome
Allies- Mr. Incredible, gizmoduck, goliath
Disk- boosts Kentucky kaiju’s sheilds x

Electrical energy
Megavolt, The Kentucky kaiju
Allies- Magica De Spell, darkwing duck, gonzo
Disk- boosts the Kentucky kaiju’s basic energy

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