Friendship cameos (1.13 onwards)

So here’s one I found in the Gonzo Duke friendship

If you find anymore please post them here, thanks


Launchpad?! Now I want him to be in the game so bad!

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What’s wrong?

I wish we had Gizmoduck, but Launchpad is still cool. He might crash into the game!


Huey, Dewey and Louie are Already in the game dude plus we already knew Launchpad and Scrooge were coming. Plus the 80s series an absolute classic and even if it’s not your cup of tea the current series is different enough you might still like it.


I absolutely love it.
DuckTales is my favourite cartoon.

Time to crash by plane right into enemies!


What about them is random?

They are very old and kinda new to some people

Madam Mim and Merlin are from a Disney Movie originally released more than 60 years ago. The original Ducktales series began airing 32 years ago and ended 27 years ago. A new show started up 2 years ago and is currently running with it’s 3rd Season set to premiere before the year ends. Not to mention the characters predate Ducktales and have made an incredibly large amount of apearences in Mickey cartoons throughout the 70+ years they have been around. They were largely absent from television from 2009-2016 but even So they made several appearances in Video Games thought that time. So “old” in the sense that their first appearance was a long time ago but they have spent the last majority of thier time existing absolutely everywhere. And I don’t know who you are talking about that doesn’t know who they are… you?

Ok ok no need to get all factual on me

Dude Disney is all about Ducks DarkWing, DuckTales, Donald, Etc. They loved to use them in the late 80s and Early 90s

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Also I’m guessing Kronk is in one of Yzma’s Friendships Idk but Im guessing

It’s more the inverse, ir Kronk would be released (and Will), one of his friendships could be yzma

Seem legit bro

To be honest with you, he isn’t exactly a random character. He’s had several cameos and he appeared in two mains shows Ducktales and Darkwing Duck. And I think he’s in the modern Ducktales too.


Anyone got the Yzma Friendships Unlocked?

Idk man Idk people should have them

Who is he?

Has anyone got Yzma Disks?

Here’s two friendship cameos that i think are gonna happen

Kronk(one of two of yzma’s friendships)
Quackerjack(simba and nala/h, d, and l)

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