Forumer Appreciation Thread

This is a place for you to appreciate the accomplishments of others over the past months on the forums, it is here for anyone and everyone you want to appreciate, except for yourself. You can make a post on here, but please be positive.

So, I wanna start it out by appreciating a couple people, though I may do a few more later on. O.o

I appreciate your crazy stitchy fanboy side, but more so, your loyalty to the ones here whom you care about. On alot of days, I can rely on you to lift my spirits. You really liven this place up. :smile:

Stitch’s best topics:
Most likes (a good number of which are from alts): Happy Stitch Day! (+Stitch Appreciation!)
Most replies: Same as above
Personal Favorite: Lilo Concept

Your posts on the forums honoring other forumers is amazing, thank you for your hard work and kindness and friendship you show to everyone, I hope you resolve your problems so that you can come back here with a bigger smile and an unbroken spirit. You’re a close and dear friend.

Kayla’s best topics:
Most likes: Behind the story, fan made
Most replies: Disney would you rather
Personal favorite: Forums 2020

Black Widow
Thank you for the kindness you spread across the forums, you are special, and while not everyone knows it, I certainly do. You help bring the fun to the forums every time you’re here.

Black Widow’s best topics:
Most likes: Happy Olaf Day! and warm hugs! (And Frozen 2 chatter)
Most replies: Same as above
Personal favorite: Friendship cameos (1.13 onwards)

Feel free to appreciate anyone on the forums you want to, even these mentioned here. :grin:

This was written in trinity by @PawpsicleSticks, @TherMasterStitch, and me.


He is the creator of Disney’s Last Hope

The community manager and the “North Star” of the forums. Thank you for all of your news and all of your help in the forums. Fixing bugs, adding favorite Disney characters, and bringing in new announcements like patch notes and server fixes. Thanks for helping out the DHBM game and community.


Very special, Nice and helpful. He has helped everyone here at least once. Very important part of the community without him the forums would be less active and more chaotic. And a good friend.

Although I have not agreed with them 100% they are a very kind and important person, the time he has spent here is great. Without him the forums may have sinked. But without anymore bad puns. They have helped in countless ways and are very smart when it comes to the game and forums.

Although they are no longer here. They are still in the heart here. They were very smart and fun, if you have a problem they could help it was very sadto see them leave. Maybe one day they will come back.

Another gone, but still here. I did not agree with them but they were still kind. And they held a special place in the forums. Although some may not, some will miss them. If they come back it would be nice if they don’t, its a shame.


That is a little personal, it is not the kind of thing that needs to be rehatched. Sorry buddy. :grimacing:

Okay, I deleted my post sorry.

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@Aurora_Veil and @Card_Brigade for their helpful tips and insights in the game.

@CowardWhisper8 for being nice to everyone and sharing their excellent drawings

To all the FGs those still here and those that have left. Even though we might not know each other in real life and our group has gotten smaller, we will always be a part of the FGs and I will always remember you guys and you guys have a special place in my heart. We have created a special bond that I never knew could be created over the internet. I feel like I can count you guys as some of my best friends. Since I feel we would definitely be best friends in real life. So thank you for being my friend and showing me your love, friendship, and kindness.


I agree with those who have already been mentioned. A few others I would like to mention are @Filadae_Djaq, @Scarlet_Captain, @Retro_84, and @LilRubyKinz. You all are great people who have been kind and helpful. And I appreciate how you all have contributed to the forums in a meaningful way.


Amen to those who have stuck with us throughout time

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