Friendships for New Characters

I want to know what friendships you think new character are most likely to get. Now, i am going to give you a character not in the game. Then, i am going you several characters from the game that i think might fit the bill. It is your job to pick which would you like to see the most.

yes! Wendy needs to come into the game (she is like the star of Peter Pan who does not get that credit IMO)

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Pan is an obvious choice lol. But since she needs 2 friends, I’ll pick Pooh as 2nd one

You are probably wondering why i put Alice, Jasmine, and Moana in Kas’s poll. They are not so much friend rather than victim. Perhaps they can make a campaign about Kaa attenpting to eat someone but failing miserably (as usual).

Jafar and kaa both hypnotized people in their movies so that one is obvious

Do you know for sure they’ll be a duo?

No, but i do know they work better together. So, fingers crossed.


  • Timon and Pumbaa
  • Wendy Darling
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Merida

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None are a good option imo

I’d chose Kristoff if he were an option


Where is Pooh?

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Pooh is not here because if i add him, then an overwhelming amount of is going to choosr him instead of the otherswhich is not very fair in my opinion.

I want character out of franchise so it can spark creativity and make for some interesting combinations.

Well I think it should be poll-less question. That way there is more discussion.

Yeah, shoud have thought of that beforehand.

You all probably noticed most of the polls are gone. This is because i’m turning this into a poll free discussion so i can really see who you would really choose. If you see any polls still on this thread, ignore them.

Let’s try again

Wendy Darling

Peter Pan :bangbang:

Wendy/Peter Pan and Wendy/Miguel

Friendships with New Character (Remix)

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