From the town of bedrock(unlikely concept 12)

Fred Flintstone

1 star, frontline damage


Fred Flintstone uses cartoon antics to have a good old time at the expense of his enemies


Entrance: a dinosaur tail appears and Fred Flintstone slides in on it then he lands on the ground

Victory: Fred jumps into the air while yelling “Yabba-dabba-doo!!”

Defeat: Fred slips and crashes onto the ground

Basic attack: fred swings his club at the nearest enemy, dealing x damage


White: two feet drive

Fred gets into his feet-powered car and rides it into enemies, dealing x damage to all enemies and stunning enemies for 3 seconds

Green: bowling trip

Fred rolls a stone bowling ball at the most wanted enemy, the bowling ball deals x damage to that enemy and has a chance to stun enemies when they are under 40% health

Blue: clubbing headache

Fred whacks the nearest enemy on the head with his club which deals x damage to that enemy and stuns the enemy for 6 seconds when they are under 30% of their health.

Purple: family caveman

“Clubbing headache” now deals x more damage when it hits a stunned enemy and now decreases the armor of enemies who are already stunned.

Red: a yabba-do time

Fred now gains 40% max health and 60% armor whenever he stuns a enemy.

“Bowling trip” now deals extra Fantastic damage whenever they hit a shielded enemy.


Fred Flintstone/goofy
Dad of the month
More powerful club

“Clubbing headache” now deals x more damage when he is under 40% of his health

Fred Flintstone/mushu
Firey discovery
More defensive attacks

Fred Flintstone now gains a shield for x amount and 50% armor when dealing damage to a stunned enemy with “two feet drive”.

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