[Fun and Games!] Disney Heroes: Battle Mode's Alphabet (Season 2)

V - @voodoomischka

W- @Wadda

X - Xtra special post

Y- Yoda

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Z - Zooming

A - Ah, No one noticed this topic

B - Bruh, that topic has been long dead lol :skull:


C - Così, Dovremmo far rivivere quel tema?So, should we revive that topic?

D - Darcy is no more… Amphibia semi finale was awesome!

E- Ehhhh… no.

F - Facebook is closed

G - Good to hear! Happy now

H - Haha OK thanks so much they can do it for me now though so hopefully they won’t mind the other town in case you have any further questions or comments in this :blush:

I - Irony

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J - Joking?

K - Kidding?

L- Lol

M - Marine life :fish:

N - Nemo ☐

D’oh… my computer is still finding him



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