[Fun and Games!] Disney Heroes: Battle Mode's Alphabet (Season 2)

O - Oh, fair enough
But tbh I woulden’t be upset if you kneeled to me :0

P - Pity for you, as I said I would NOT do that

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Q- Quartzsite

R - Ring ring the House

S - Sorry, but could you translate that for us?


T - Time’s ticking…

U - Underminer

Căn nhà bên hồ đẹp đó nhưng khoan đã The house on the lake is beautiful but wait of minutes

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V - Vicky

W - When the dog barks and everybody be :sunglasses::ok_hand:

X - X-Ray revealed that Cannons have no bones, cool-

Y- You have oil


Z - Zigs, go!

It’s actually “Go, Zigs!” but idc

runs away
No one takes my oil!

A- @American_Guy

B - Boy, American Boy

C- @CanadianMasterK


E- @Euros

F- @Filadae_Djaq

G - Great valuta!

H - Huh? Valuta?

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