[Fun and Games!] Disney Heroes: Battle Mode's Alphabet

X - X is sometimes a variable as a number (like damage, HP, etc) in concepts

Y - Y can also be used as variable in concepts I guesss

A- And i skipped Z.

B - @FaroeISLAND

C - come on, no patch last week
The forums:


D - DHBM Reborn

E - Easy to complete the Diamond Quest

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F - for real, it’s really easy, almost finished with it

G - Golitah in DHBM while Demona in DSA

H - how is that possible, I’m gonna ask this again

I - I think Kimpossible will never come :slightly_frowning_face:

J - just have hope and patience, that’s what you people are forgetting, we are almost at the end of covid, was that long? (Yes it was) but we made it and we can do the same with Kim, just have hope

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K - Kimpossible being ignored by perblue

L - let’s forget about Kim and the other more wanted heroes and go to the most wanted hero that everyone wants, lilo and ratigan

M- @Kimtastic

N - No to overpowered heroes

O - Oh no… first time I heard someone ask for Ratigan.
Kim!!! Only her. Always her. Bye. She is most wanted.

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P- Polaris (should i @ him?

Q - quite the contrary, I know many who want ratigan a lot

R - Really jealous that DSA has Onward characters and Anna while DHBM doesnt

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