[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

Gizmoduck gets into the action, shooting a laser at the creep

Gizmoduck throws rhubarb pie at the creep

The creep was later sent away from Tokyo in a small rocket, it landed in Polish forest, the creep was later attacked by a horde of mosquitoes!

All this traveling tires out the creep.

mosquitos carried the creep away into neverland, where Peter Pan duels with the creep

and later with Captain Hook…

Mr. Smee gives the creep a haircut

Tick tock chases the creep

Mr. Smee accidentally gave the pelican a haircut and the pelican attacks the creep

The lost boys annoy the creep

Tinker Bell tells the lost boys to fire their slingshots at the creep

The creep escapes from the island and moves away to USA

The creep went in a Wal-Mart and wasted some money and HP on sunglasses

Bug visited Disneyland and get hit with broom by Mickey

Creep fell of The Increidcoaster

creep gets hit by an incoming train

Creep gets flattened by train

Punches Creep :thinking:

Lies and nonsense damage the creep

Double punches the creep

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