[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

Slinky stretches towards the enemy

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Angel charms the enemy

Jumba shoots the enemy

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Baymax fires his fist at the enemy

Launchpad crashes on the creep

the creep has regained 79 HP (right?)

44 posts already done = 44 damage
5 hours = 20 HP regen
Tragic’s post = 1 damage
15 more hours = 60 HP regen
= 79 HP regen.

If so it has 635 HP!

K. Louie pounds the creep

(Luckily my quarantined brain still does math)

Aamir did some math to damage the creep

Quarantine damages the creep

The pandemic enters the creep’s body

60 more HP for a whopping total of 692 HP!

Math bores the creep

Maximus stabs the creep

Agent P throws his hat at the enemy

Davy Jones summons the Kraken

Dory calls a whale

The Kraken attacks the creep

Gonzo’s chickens pecks the creep

Tron summons an I/O Barrier to damage the creep

Daffy Duck “woo hoo” to the enemy

Goliath slashes at the enemy

Just here hoping that someone will use a power up so we can defeat the creep more easily

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