Future costume ideas


Who here has some great ideas for costumes for characters we currently have or characters you would like to see? Make sure you add a picture of the costume you would like to see so, people will know what you’re talkin about. It could be an actual costume that the character in question wears in there movie or show of origin or it could even be a palette swap based off another character from their world, if the Developers will go that far, that. Just as long as it’s Canon, that means no fan art.

I have a couple ideas, myself. For Stitch, I think he would either have his Elvis costume or his red jumpsuit, both from the first movie. As for Hiro, he would obviously have his armor from Big Hero 6.


Well, looks like one skin for Stitch is coming soon. We’ll wait and see which one)


This is all I want


I kinda want Leeroy to be Stitch’s costume


Rooting for the Elvis one myself!


Of course the majority of us wants to see Hiro in his supersuit. I mean, who won’t agree?


Me!!! Say No Hiro in his super suit!


His costume looks ridiculous and would also be a potential way to change his skill set.

Why not have him wear a rescue uniform?

Jk jk sorta. Fine put his costume. Idc but i was just theowing my two cents out there :upside_down_face:


Its alright if u don’t agree :slight_smile: The majority of people want Hiro in his supersuit & I think I know Y. Beczuse Hiro is known 4 being in his supersuit. And him with the neurotransmitter doesn’t make dat much of sense. Because Callahan is known 4 using the microbots & Hiro only had them in one scene. Srry if I’m explaining 2 much. :frowning: I’ll shut my mouth. :no_mouth: Also, I can still imagine Hiro with the Microbots & he can still use them in his supersuit. But when he does Megabot Call, he can get out some hologram Screen just like Baymax when he does Healthcare companion. Dat might not make sense & kind of make sense. Yeah, I should stop talking. :neutral_face:


You are typing not talking :upside_down_face:


Good answer! :smiley: I really should get a mind. :rofl:





I made a topic sort of like this back before costumes were in the game here.


And it blew up like a bomb. Which was a amazing idea btw.


Thanks! I’ll see if I can come up with some extras for this thread sometime. :smiley:


Very curious as to an outfit for Merida?

Oh also possible Olaf. And Sally.



Do you mean Sulley or Sally???


Sally. Oh! Xd i spelled her bame wrong! My bad!


Stitch in his Elvis .Cute!