Game Performance Issues July 4

What is going to be the compensation for the players that collected the stamina boost for 12? I collected it 3 times and got reset every time, and now it’s gone and it’s too late to get it again?


I don’t have an ETA, but I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information.
Once we have the fix ready, we’ll identify what we need to do to compensate players and replace any missing items and resources.


Plz ASAP got tons of daily quests to collect…and stuck here for half an hour

We have a server restart scheduled for 4PM CT that will fix the performance and connection issues.


Please renew double drops and active bonuses I activated goldx2 to farm badges and gold


I suppose there will NOT be a compensation for this!?

Gettinf kinda old that there are fixes that need to be made and nothing to say “Hey players we are sorry for the delay, but here are some free items for the inconvenience.” First game that treats the players like objects…the ones that pay for your salary


I had to start 7 friendship missions, get the 7 missions medal, use the diamonds to buy stamina, get the achiviement quest for buying stamina and using it all for crafting a badge so Timon and Pumbaa can be of purple rarity… TWICE.
Also, my contest score was zeroed for a few seconds, but the bar was still filled.

Wow this hurts


I can’t even load the game. It keeps saying reconnecting but then doesn’t!

S16 had problems with contest progress as well

I can’t log to get my stamina… Perfect during a stamina contest…
And discord seems to be… Gone ?


I know the feeling and it sucks! Was trying to get my stuff done early and now I’m getting back tracked with the update ughhh.

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I lost most of my progress, and a chest I got, most likely will lose my progress in the competition😕


Games back up

The games back up but still no stamina for the 12 o clock one? Whats going to be done about that? It’s even more important for the stamina contest that’s on


The game is back up. We are reviewing the logs and will be sending out compensation to the affected servers.


Great lost my points I gained in arena before the problems :rage:

Does this include the 12 stamina boost? Because I still haven’t got that

What a disappointing disappointing „compensation“ :joy::joy: such a joke

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