Gang of three (likely concept)

Yao, Ling, and Chien Po


2 star, frontline tank trio

“You’re king of the mountain!”

a trio of three charges into the battlefield with their different personalities and powerful hits


Entrance: the trio runs into the battlefield with their swords raised

Victory: ling goes into the middle of the group and puts his hands over both yao’s and chien po’s shoulders as they all smile

Defeat: they fall on top of each other as yao and ling start to tussle with each other on top of chien po

Basic attack: the trio slices at the closest enemy with their swords, dealing x damage.

Basic attack(feminine disguises): the trio throws different kinds of fruit at the backmost enemy, dealing x damage.


White: ugly concubines

The trio glitches into their concubine disguises and stay in those disguises until their energy runs out which increases their max HP by X amount and also makes the trio invincible for the first 7 seconds that they are in their disguises.

While in their concubine forms, the trio now targets the backmost enemy with their basic attack which now deals 25% more damage then their regular basic attack and also slows the enemy down for 40% for every 2nd basic attack while in their disguises.

Green: Knuckle sandwich

Yao punches the nearest enemy at full force while ling laughs at the enemy, dealing x damage to the foe and also knocking back the enemy and decreasing the effectiveness of shields towards that enemy by 100%

Blue: you’ve made a friend

When a enemy tries to knock the trio back, chien po catches yao who then gets mad as chien po rocks him around slowly which calms yao down, this heals the trio for x amount and also restores shield health on any allies that had their shields damaged by x amount.

Purple: a girl worth fighting for

“Ugly concubines” now gives the trio a shield for x amount when the skill runs out of energy. They also have a 55% chance to give shields to three of their allies that has x more health on them.

Red: fearless, loyal and disciplined

“Knuckle sandwich” now crits against shielded allies when the trio is under 25% of their max health.

The trio’s armor and skill power are tripled when they activate “ugly concubines” while also making the trio immune to all disables while in their disguises.
+X skill power
+X armor
+X Max HP


Yao, Ling and Chien Po/Mulan
disguise for success
shorter disables when shielded

All disables dealt to allies are now 3 seconds shorter when they are shielded by any source.

Yao, Ling and Chien Po/Huey duey and louie
Triple threat
“Knuckle sandwich” breaks weakened shields

“Knuckle sandwich” now breaks shields that are under 40% health.

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