Gargoyles and tales of Disney

Hey there folks!

The new generations are lacking old disney knowledge. I think that heroes from old tv shows should be added every now and then (I know that with time that will happen).
Gargoyles for me was the best thing. I used to watch it with my late father and I loved it. He was a father that, definitely wasn’t there. But, in that moment, in the gargoyles showing I had everything. I wanted to tell this tale, to show that sometimes is not the movie itself, or the quality of the show that makes us love them and Disney. Is the memories we have attached to them.

With this, post your tales. Post your memories. So that the rest of us can know how Disney, in weird and tangled ways affected all of us!


I remember watching Hercules, when I was a kid, for the first time back in early 2000. I always thought and prayed that one day, I could “go the distance”. Fastforward to 18 years later, and I’m almost done with the journey that I set out on, almost have my dream job and I finally have a place that I can say is “where I belong”.

Thank you to Disney for inspiring me and all my friends & family for all these years through the movies, games and events. I truly hope for many more years to come.


That Disney song gives me the chills every single damn time.
Glad everything went well for you! Nice stories are nice to read!


Thanks buddy and same to your story. Glad to meet a fellow who is inspired by Disney as much as I am.


I am offended in every possible way. Please do not be agist or presume things.

But yes the majority of this generation doesn’t know enough about old Disney! I mean I like new Disney a lot, but you cannot truly appreciate the now if you do not know what happened before.

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It is in general.
For example, I work at DisneyLand. When I came here I expected everyone to, at least, have watched a star wars movie. But instead, I have never found so many people that told me that they never saw a single one. I talk about my generation even. It is a general thing, you go for the stuff you have, and it is uncommon for people to browse the past. Sorry to offend you, did not mean to do so in any way. Just wanted to give strength to my point.


Lol I’ve never seen Star Wars. When I tell people this they act like I killed their puppy. So now I just purposely mispronounce names. Once I called Princess Leia m, princess Lela. You would not believe the reaction I got lol



Lol yep. They gasp but it’s more of an angry gasp. I did the Lela joke in my history teachers classroom and she really loved Star Wars. If I remember she said jokingly my parents failed me by not showing my the movies. I’m like, no one in my family cares for the movies lol


I bet my English teacher would kick me out if I said a joke about Harry Potter, since she is a very dedicated fan


Old knowledge? … Oswald you heard that they want you!

The modern generation doesn’t do Star Wars?I

Does that mean I am in the old generation? :worried:


Yes messa thought that too

Oh no many of my own friends act shocked when I say I don’t like Star Wars. You’re not old generation :wink:

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Would love to have him!!

Have you watched them?

I’ve tried watching them. Always get bored. Tried watching the “BIGGEST” scene (the I am your ******) and couldn’t even get through it. I just don’t find it interesting :man_shrugging: I get that many people like it and are gonna say “why don’t you like it” “you should watch it again” but i just don’t like star wars sorry

That is okay. At least you gave it a try

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Thanks! Lol you’re much nicer than my classmates! Like I said, they always act shocked or even angry and always tell me “you just have to give it another chance!” Or something. I’m like “I just don’t really like it??? It’s my opinion??? Why are you so offended???”

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It is a thing that happens when you mature. Don’t force people to watch something, that you enjoyed because you wanted to. Perhaps someday you will find yourself watching one or feeling willingly to give it another try and you’ll enjoy it. That is the way life works.