Gaston's biggest fan (likely concept)


1 star, backline control

“Who? You? Never! Gaston, you’ve got to pull yourself together.”

lefou rallies his allies to fight and encourages the strongest allies in the process


Entrance: lefou walks into the battlefield with a torch in his hand

Victory: lefou opens his arms wide while smiling

Defeat: a pile of snow falls on lefou as his torch falls to the ground

Basic attack: lefou throws his torch at the nearest enemy, dealing X instant damage and dealing continuous damage for 5 seconds.


White: storm the castle

Lefou rallies his allies to fight, this increases the attack power and speed of all allies by 100% for 10 seconds while also increasing their crit chance by 50% for those same 10 seconds.

Green: No one…

Lefou sings the praises of the ally who deals the most damage in battle, increasing their max HP by X amount and making that ally immune to debuffs for 5 seconds.

Blue: Snowman disguise

When below 20% of his HP, lefou poorly disguises himself as a snowman which makes him untargetable for 10 seconds. when those 10 seconds are up, lefou gains X health and X attack power.

Purple: The Fool

Lefou takes 30% less damage for every ally that is still standing on the battlefield during each wave.

Red: tales of greatness

Lefou’s basic attack now decreases 30% armor from the target enemy.

The crit chance from “Storm the castle” is now increased by 20%
+X damage to basic attack
+X armor
+X max HP


Hero’s sidekick
faster when buffed

Lefou tries to cheer up a depressed Gaston by trying to sabotage a hero award ceremony

Lefou now gains 50% movement speed when he is buffed by any source.

The new snowman in town
unavoidable freezes while disguised

Olaf finds a new snowman friend and takes him to see anna and elsa…but the snowman is in reality a poorly disguised Lefou spying on the city for Gaston

While lefou is disguised by “snowman disguise”, all freezes dealt by allies are now unavoidable for as long as Lefou is disguised.


I think this also happens, they are also voiced by Josh Gad, although Lefou is him in the live action movie.

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