Giggle McDimples (Toy Story Hero Concept)

Giggle McDimples

Tiny but fearless Giggle McDimples rolls into the battlefield. When she drives around in her friend Bo Peep’s skunk-mobile, there is no one in the City who will stand in her way.
Trial Team: Blue
Role: Frontline Control
Stars: :star:
Quote: “Whoa,… who knew you were such a softy?”

Entrance: Giggle races into the battlefield in the skunk-mobile, screeching into the frontline and opening up the body to reveal herself inside.
Victory: Giggle jumps victoriously.
KO: The skunk-mobile falls on its side, sending Giggle falling out.

Basic Attack: Giggle leaps out of the skunk-mobile to jump on enemies, dealing X damage.

White Skill - Skunk! - Fantastic Damage
Giggle races through enemies in the skunk-mobile, dealing X damage and scaring them for 8 seconds.

Green Skill - Officer On Duty
Giggle switches to a face wearing sunglasses, making herself and the two weakest allies immune to debuffs for 7 seconds.

Blue Skill - Cat Chase
Giggle rushes through enemies in the skunk-mobile while being chased by Dragon, dealing X damage and removing X reality and armor from enemies.

Purple Skill - Above the Law
Each time Giggle performs her “Skunk!” skill, allies have their attack speeds increased by 60% for 9 seconds. Her max HP and armor are increased to X.

Red Skill - Protector of Lost Toys
Enemies lose X HP and X energy each time they attempt to apply a debuff to Giggle or the two weakest allies while Giggle is performing her “Officer On Duty” skill.

  • +X max HP
  • +X Basic damage
  • +X damage to Skunk!

Giggle McDimples + Bo Peep
Campaign: the City of Opportunity - A brand new City means more people in need of help, lost toys or innocent civilians. In an instant, Giggle and Bo can eyeball a few ways to help out right off the bat; combating creeps is among one of them.
Disk: Helping Hands
Disk Memory: Giggle’s “Cat Chase” skill steals X HP and X energy from each enemy attacked by Dragon.
Disk Power: Z Green Skill power, Z HP gain
Allies: Duff Killigan, Hades, Kristoff & Sven

Giggle McDimples + Judy Hopps
Campaign: Hero For Hire - The CPD is in need of more people to join in. Giggle steps up to the plate, but is turned down due to her size. Judy decides to privately train Giggle, as she too was once looked down upon for her appearance, and turn her into one of the City’s best police officers.
Disk: Talk to the Badge
Disk Memory: Giggle is invincible while performing her “Officer On Duty” skill.
Disk Power: Z evasion
Allies: the Manticore, Powerline, Rafiki


Very interesting concept. Love it!! 10/10

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