Gizmoduck’s nerf

Ok, ok, I understand invasion is now completely trash due to Gizmoduck being violent shoved out of the meta, but, is the nerf really that bad? We don’t know for sure. Maybe he’s still good in invasion, maybe he’s doomed forever. We’ll wait and see what Tuesday holds.

Any thoughts on the Gizmoduck nerf?

I don’t use him, couldn’t tell you


It’s terrible, and saying that he might not be that bad is just wishful thinking. Invasion already takes ages to complete, and this is a nail in the coffin.


Why is there now threads about Gizmo’s nerf?

Because he was nerfed and it’s absurd?

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Nobody else is good and designed for this mode.

And how’s possible it never was catched during testings? Same as Bo Peep, make OP hero, making players spend on it and then boom! Nerf and making hero terrible!

Let’s wait for new version of Gizmo in few next patch notes and after half year nerf to it.
Stupid money hungry moves, nothing else.

AND invasion require too much time, and give itty-bitty rewards. Now it will needs more time.


Maybe they can speed up progress on Kim so she could be the new gizmo

What’s all the fuss about gizmoduck being nerfed??

Armor steal have Limited value…Dang…Thats the point…Worst Patch.
Made Bo Peep good in Invasion…Nerfed ppl stop using her.

From what Polaris has said it seems gizmo will still be useful and good

He will be for lower level bots but many heroes are. The nerf has caused his main niche to become useless at higher levels.

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This due to players keep sharing in public

STOP SHARING WORKING TEAMS to save them from nerf

Oh yeah, of course. 'Cause PerBlue doesn’t have access to in-game stats. :man_facepalming:


They have no time to spend checking all players lol
Who complained about his green?
Why pb decided that?
Because it was shared in forums… only few weeks ago it was shared and now nerfed
For 3 months before sharing it was good… why now?

They can see that the top players are all using Gizmo though. If that’s not a big red flag telling them that one of their heroes is OP then I don’t know what is.

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Well, people who (ab)used it are going to be angry about it.
Players who didnt won’t really care.

The strat has been used (for way too long, if you ask me) and is now getting a proper fix.
Imo its how it should be.


I mean, could there be other invasion strats we can use other than gizmo?

There are other options…Just to kill under 300 lv boots…And Gizmo makes it 70k…
i spend my memory tokens to upgrade his disk
All Wasted…all resources wasted…The Gizmo have no use…:frowning_face:

Perhaps,PB already knew gizmo was the key
Just Upto when Many players will spend on gizmo
Then they ll nerf it. Gizmo sercet revealed and revealed ppl bought ,spend their resources on Gizmo…And Finally A Nerf which is so called bug in patch.
Thanks PB and R.I.P Invasion
Like Bo was great at invasion.
Ppl spend , got nerf
Future Heroes who will do good in invasion3-4 months , Ppl will do and acheive scores by That hero…And Result? Everyone Knows Nerf
Rip PB

Can’t argue with it.

It’s not first time, same happen with Bo Peep.

I can only hope other skill of Gizmoduck will get boost, like study all enemies instead only one in blue skill.

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