Gizmoduck’s nerf

Or maybe a future character (possibly Kim) could be the new gizmo

Yeah Same happened with Bo…
Makes HERO useful.
Ppl see its useful
Adaa Spend Money and Resources
After 3-4 months= Nerf

Do u really want Kim to be nerfed after 3-4 months pf her release?


Pb I respectfully ask you to stop nerfing toons. In Gizmos case he was a key to get all invasion rewards. This is being called a bug that his green skill had no limit to how much gizmo stole from opponent’s, it was not a bug he was simply seemingly designed w no limit. Which in my opinion is our choice if we want to invest in him or not, it is not sitting well with me how you can profit as much as you did on his green skill then nerf it. Many including myself spent money on him soley for invasion rewards. You have now made the money we spent irrelevant. It in my opinion is not good business, to make a expense essential to irrelevant. I request you bring Gizmo back. I personally would love to see all toons relevant so we can play our favorites, whether its Genie or Mulan. We can figure out the counters and which parts of the game they excel in just the same as we do now. I would not be surprised if your sales start to tank many invested in Gizmo and you do not make investing in a hero cheap!

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