Globby concept

Globby from Big hero 6 the series

2 stars
Midline control
Trial team- red
Quote- “my days of being a looser small time purse snatcher are behind me”
Description- with stolen krei tech and the remains of honey lemon’s purse this monstrosity will turn into anything on the battlefield

Entrance- Globy swings into battle then drops down on the battlefield
Victory- Globby turns into a ballon
Defeat- Globby melts into a puddle


Basic attack- Globby turns into a wall dealing x damage

White skill- Anvil
Globby jumps into the air and turns into an anvil dealing x damage. Stuns enemies for 10 seconds.
Stun has chance to fail aginst enemies above level x

Green skill- globbysaurus rex
Globby turns into a t-rex scaring enemies. Then he chomps at the closest enemy dealing x damage and x more damage over time.

Blue skill- Invisa-globby
Globby turns invisible for 7 seconds healing him x and shielding the weakest ally x.

Purple skill- Super rex
When globby is in “globbysaurus rex” globby goes berserk. Then he shields his team for 5 seconds

Red skill- Greatest theif
If globby does “Anvil” to an enemy above 75% health or an enemy with a disable or a buff it deals x more damage and gives him more basic damage
+x basix damage
+x skill power
+x damage on "Anvil


Shape shifting extrodinare
Globby, genie
Allies- Jasmine, Baymax, Merlin
Disk- Boosts globby’s basic energy

Extra member
Hiro, globby
Allies- Baymax, Gizmoduck, frozone
Disk- charms are less effective

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