Gloria (Unlikely Hero Concept)

Gloria (from Madagascar)
Description: A hippo with a lot of sass, Gloria’s about the show the creeps who’s boss
Quote: “Don’t make me come up there. I’ll get a whoppin on both y’all!”
Stars: 2
Trial Team: Blue
Entrance: Gloria will bust out of a crate wearing a bikini made out of sea animals and sea plants, before shaking it off and getting ready for battle
Victory: Gloria will cheer
Death: Gloria will get angry and cross her arms before stomping her foot
Role: Frontline Damage


Basic attack: Gloria will hip check the enemy

White skill: Pepper Charge: Fantastic Damage
Gloria will eat a pepper causing her to dash forward in a stif arm position. This will deal X damage to each enemy hit and knock back all enemies hit

Green skill: Hippo Tumble: Fantastic Damage
Gloria will summer-salt to the furthest enemy, dealing X damage and decreasing the enemy’s skill power by 20%. Gloria would stay in the enemies backline after using this move

Blue skill: Hippo Hop: Fantastic Damage
Gloria will jump into the air and slam the ground with her behind, knocking all enemies back and dealing X damage. This will also stun enemies for 10 seconds, any enemies that are stunned will be dealt a bonus X true damage

Purple skill: Hippo Hijinks
All of Gloria’s skill now stun enemies for 5 seconds except for her “Hippo Hop” skill

Red skill: Who’s the Boss
If any stunned enemies are damaged by Gloria’s basic attack, their stun time is increased by 2 seconds. Along with this, Gloria will deal


Gloria and Melman
Disk: Perfect Date
Gloria will deal 20% more damage when she has a shield
Gloria and Melman want to go on a date but there’s not much options for animals
Allies: Swedish Chef Tigger Goofy

Gloria and Daisy Duck
Disk: No nonsense kinda gals
Gloria will gain a shield with X health after KOing an enemy
Gloria and Daisy go on a girls night after meeting at the city mall
Allies: Minnie Mouse Kida Belle

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so disneydude65 can you do the toad (flushed away) hero concept (and his role and trail team was tank and red too)

I’ll try, I’m pretty disappointed in this one so I’m going to take a break from Madagascar concepts/DreamWorks concepts. I’ll doing some peanuts and big city greens concepts

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