Madagascar Concept Collection

Here’s the collection for my Madagascar concepts. And don’t worry, there’s more to come

Alex (Damage)

Marty (Control)

Melman (Tank)

Gloria (Damage)

The Penguins (Damage)

King Julien, Maurice, and Mort (Support)

Mason and Phil (Control)

Dave (Control)

Ted (Damage)

Classified and The NorthWind (Upcoming)

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If you have any suggestions for concept series’ then feel free to ask here

The pangins

Welcome to the forums! They are planned as my next concept actually

Ohh ok then

Say hello to the psychotic penguins themselves

so disneydude65 can you do gloria hero concept

Yes, I’ve been a little busy though, she should release this weekend

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I hope North wind in this

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They sure will be, I plan to do some more Penguins Of Madagascar concepts and then some All Hail King Julien concepts. It’s gonna be big!!

What about Violet Parr?

Violet is already in the game and isn’t a Madagascar character

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