Gold Boost

:biohazard: This is just idea, but if you have some idea to improve this feel free.

Gold boost :yellow_circle:

We’re heading in very near future to gold rarity ranks (after R14*), it would be good opportunity to add instead of skill some kind of boost, things which mods can’t do to heroes but are still important. It would be also good to improve weak hero’s stats or add important stats for them for combat which unfortunately badges didn’t add.

Gold Rarity and the boost

Once player get hero to rank Gold +0 player will have possibilitity to add one-time permanent boost to hero.
Hero’s white to purple skills needs to be maxed and red skill unlocked.

Possible boosts: (each hero have same boosts available)

  • 220 Armor negation (hero can’t have more than current level cap + 50)
  • 220 Reality negation (hero can’t have more than current level cap + 60)
  • 220 Normal crit (hero can’t have more than current level cap + 50)
  • 220 Fantastic crit hero can’t have more than current level cap + 60)
  • 250 crit damage (hero can’t have more than current level cap + 50)
  • 250 Normal prowess (hero can’t have more than current level cap + 50)
  • 250 Fantastic prowess (hero can’t have more than current level cap + 60)
  • 240 Tenacity (hero can’t have more than current level cap + 60)
  • 230 Evasion (hero can’t have more than current level cap + 50)
  • 10% Conservation

Guaranteed boosts: (no matter what player choices as gold boost, these will be added to hero)

  • +5% Extra HP
  • +10% Extra BD
  • +10% Extra SP

While player will be deciding which boost to pick they need to remember to not choose a boost which won’t get beyond limit and at last left hero unchanged or take full advantage.


To unlock Gold Boost player will need 5 gold crystals.
Player can receive 1 gold crystal by completing all daily missions, divisions 6-1 in challengers will also reward gold crystals from weekly rewards.
Player can also find 3 gold crystals from invasion ranks.

Already choosed, but want to change the boost

In case of changing decision player can change boost on hero by paying 10M gold and 10 gold crystals.

Further caps and boosts

After each cap rise all boosts will rise by 1 per increased level cap.

At level 210, so since gold rarity is available player can get 200 normal crit.
After few months and when cap rise will be 230 the normal crit stat will increase automatically and will be 220.
Note: Conservation stat will not change.

Mods upgrades won’t be included to the caps of the boosts but only core and raw stats received from badges.

*After R14 in other PB’s game (Portal Quest) was added G0 (gold +0 rarity).


Bro, this is awesome!

Truly something to make the gold rank unique from the other ranks!

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Very interesting indeed!!
Still way in the future for S18 but can see where we are headed and this is fun and would affect everyone differently depending on your choice

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This is really new. I like it.

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Interesting! If implemented yet another thing that I will be very behind on but looks great nonetheless!

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Refresh, to collect more feedback. :wine_glass:

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Strange to think about that in about 2 weeks will maybe have Gold ranked characters, or if not Gold a new color of sort. The patch notes for it next week at the first week of November too.

And yeah for the ideas I would say they all seem pretty cool to me and would make Gold rank really interesting and I think cost friendly enough for us players with those ideas in mind :-).

The possible boosts should be especially handy and help characters that otherwise lack in a stat compared to other characters.

Guaranteed boosts would give a power-creep post between Red rank and Gold rank, so not sure if that’s technically good or not, but it would definitely make the character more powerful than otherwise.

The crystal idea seem fine to me, the availability is pretty good and as such easy for people to get. I don’t know if too easy to get or not with being available so many places and as such 1 gold rank boost per day, but that depend on if it is a 1 time boost or if you can do it more times.
Changing boost cost sounds fair to me, even if 10 million gold is a fair amount of gold for F2Pers or low spenders. If we get a new type of gold giving credits it should be less of an issue though.

The rest sounds good to me as well :-).

So yeah, should be interesting to see if we get Gold 0 or Red 15 next month, but would overall be more interesting with a new rank I think than Red 15.

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