Goofy Concept


I want him and Donald. Please, Mickey needs his pals! Let’s look over a potential moveset if he ever makes it in.

Goofy: Tank, Front

Basic Attack: Goofy attacks using his fists in a cartoony manner.

Goofy Rush(White): Goofy rushes across the screen, doing Normal damage as he pushes back all enemies and giving his allies 33% attack speed for 6 seconds. Damage is determined by skill power.

Sandwich Meal(Green): Goofy eats a sandwich, healing himself for X amount of HP. Healing is determined by skill power.

Cartoonish Nonsense(Blue): The first time Goofy reaches 0 HP, he revives and recovers X amount of HP and grants himself 33% attack speed for 6 seconds. Healing is determined by skill power.

A-hyuk!(Purple): Goofy becomes completely immune to stuns and allies have a 50% chance to avoid stuns. Stun immunity may fail against enemies higher than levelX.

Friendship Disks:

Mickey: Buddy Breakfast
-Increased Skill Power
-Improved Healing for all allies

Olaf: Winter Scarf
-Increased HP
-“A-hyuk!” also grants freeze immunity

Aurora Veil’s Master Collection

Mid tank why not front tank


LOL that was an actual mistake! Let me fix that hahaha


That was weird I thought you knew about that once I saw someone put in back tank they didn’t do that as a mistake and I like the move sets


Thanks :slight_smile:



White skill is like Rex’s pretty much,

Why does a sandwich heal??.i would prefer that it gave him energy but that is just me.

I do not agree that he should have a self revive.

His Purple is too OP. Being completely immune to stuns??

Another White skill could be this:

Fatal Scream.

Goofy makes his signature scream silencing all enemies and stunning them for 3 seconds.

Maybe swap his purple with this?

when Goofy reaches 0 HP, He triggers his white skill but it stuns for twice as long and deals X amount of true damage.

Just my ideas. :wink:

  1. Ugh… I completely forgot that Rex can do that. I might have to reconsider what Goofy can do.

  2. Yes, I want him to have a self-heal. I want him to survive the front line similarly to Olaf, except his healing is not a white skill, but rather, on a cool-down.

  3. Goofy is a “silly cartoon”, so he’s exactly the kind of character to have a revive. Goofy and other similar cartoon characters can normally survive what seems like deadly situations. I wanted him to be difficult to get rid off similar to Olaf, but with different strengths.

  4. Immune to specifically Stuns is not OP. Mad Hatter and Kevin is immune to all debuffs, Miguel is immune to charms, and Kevin even grants bonus Reality to the whole team. So no, I think it’s reasonable for Goofy to have immunity to Stuns.

  5. My idea of Goofy is that he should be very difficult to take down because of self-heal and revive. His immunity to stuns allow him to be a decent tank. I imagined him to have low damage output, so his skills should focus on survival instead.

  6. I still can’t get over how his White Skill is too similar to Rex. I’ll probably change it when I can think of something else.

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I want the dude responsible for Mickey’s existence known as Oswald.

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Oswald the rabbit!!! Yus!!!

ALlthough, there prolly isnt enpug to go on for him…

Yoou mean Oswald the rabbit right?! That was his name right? It has been a while since I heard about that.


I really don’t see any issue with it mimicking Rex’s white. The idea of how clumsy and unintentionally destructive Goofy is makes him perfect to have a skill which does knockback.

I actually laughed out loud when I read the green skill, and not in a bad way. I love it. When I think of Goofy, especially in the most recent version of the Mickey cartoons, I see him as a fun and loveable goofball, and I always see him as eating one of those large hoagies, so I think that the skill is great for accentuating Goofy’s personality.

Great concept, game-worthy, even.

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@Champion_David Yes, I meant. Him & He should be a control hero like in the very underratwd game known as Epic Mickey 2 the Power of 2. I could easily see Him having charm.


Nice move set I also want Donald and goofy in the game too I also made some concepts hope they add them soon