Guild crates?

So I love the change in the monthly sign in, but I have a few questions:

  1. Will the guild crate disappear,because of no more sign in heroes?

  2. What will we do with the guild tokens IF the guild crate disappears?

  3. If the tokens disappear what will we get for the hero hiring system?

  4. And I can’t stress this enough —when is Mickey getting an update on his skills?

The last one being the most important!

Here is a picture to cheer up the reader!

Processing: Screenshot_20220820-082754_YouTube.jpg…

These are the changes with Sign-In Rewards:

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But the thread is about guild crate…?

Likely prize wall heroes will go here.
Even if not, guild crate is very outdated, it can be removed, no big deal. Same for vip crate.

Guild crate will not disappear, which means no for questions 1-3, and we cannot give info on what heroes might get refreshed in the future.

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