Guild War Overview


This changes make gw worst haha now it is harder for top 5-10 guilds to get on legendary…
And the other guilds with low mmr now can make it to legendary easily…
Cheers to that


Sounds like everyone has a chance now instead of the whales taking over everything as usual.


Actually quite the opposite. Now top guilds will be in a cycle for facing the same 5-10 guilds where the top 1-2 will win most every war and the bottom of the 8 will be lucky to get the wins needed for Legendary. This will create “divisions” of about 100-200 MMR ranges keep fighting the same guilds and guilds can no longer move from league to league as necessary because even if you are in say Silver you could be placed against a Challenger guild simply because your MMR is close to one another. This in my opinion creates more problems than it fixes.


Today on my guild 1 member use 1 of the additional attack…a bug on the update?
now every one can use the additional attack again. No needed to be oficcer or higher.
Can you fix it?


You can change in the settings now.


I think that’s what everyone has been asking for. #1 guild shouldn’t be fighting #900 guild. The way I see it is, if you’re good enough to be in a top 10 guild then you should be fighting the other top 10. My guild is in the top 30 and we haven’t fought #1 so far. It’s not a nice feeling to be completely obliterated by a group of people who have every single character maxed out


The ranking is non sense now… maybe should get rid of it now haha no point of having ranks if we legendary can face guild in the copper…

Its like a challenger rank is fighting a copper rank in arena…


While I don’t disagree with that point even myself in the number 3 guild we have little no chance at beating the top two guilds either. When there exists a 10m power difference between the number 2 and 3 guilds on a server the fight doesn’t get better. Sure we can put up a better fight, but the fight no longer matters if you can’t win the war.

As it stands now those top guilds will keep facing each other and as stated in my previous post, will keep facing the same guilds resulting in one of two things happening. The stream of losses will knock a guild out of those MMR divisions that I stated previously and then have a top guild stomping lower ones much like we had previously, or MMR will freeze for all the guilds concerned resulting in a stagnated system, and resulting in Top guilds unable to reach Legendary, as I think most would agree, they should consistently get.


Ok, thank you for the info.


I get what you’re saying. Idk maybe it’s just me. I’m on server 3 and we were always matched with the same guilds every single war. It felt like every few wars we we’re battling Sao Brasil who’s pretty strong. We’ve only had them once now and are now coming across guilds who actually match our power. Edit: we lost against them every time too. Feels a bit easier for us to reach legendary now but it’s still early in the season so maybe my matchup opinion will change


You know if you pair our guild with guild with nearly same rank and our guild is weakest one, also we cant win any war.
As previous, we still get chance to win after lost other guild and they promoted, then we meet weaker. But now, we are TOP IN COPPER RANK and must face with TOP IN OTHER RANK ALWAYS as your new pair !!!
And we really cant win any war from the early of month until now when facing guilds rank 8 to 15 while ours rank 16 and now 22 cause everyone gave up and leave guild. They see no chance to win in war. That’s not fair for us !!!


I’m curious (and frightened) to see how this months war pans out. We’re rank 3 and we played guilds ranked 2, 7, 6, 5, now 1.

Typically guilds ranked 1 and 2 are higher bracket than us at this point and we can sail into legendary. If we fight 1 and 2 every third battle with the new matchmaking then we won’t even make it to legendary from only being able to win 33% of the remaining wars.


Goodluck for the top guilds… to us…


What level do you unlock guild war?