Guild War Overview


Can we change our teams for guild wars please ?


What do you mean change teams?


Sorry I meant change the heros in our team?


You can change them for the next war… It would be unfair to be able to change them in the current war since people pay to sabotage them


How do I edit the team for next war please ?


Go to guild war… Instead of clicking on the current one click on the one on the right. Then choose the car you are in, and press edit


How are you suppose to have a chance at winning a war if the team you have been matched with is soooo much higher for example for the second time in a row now our guild has been matched with another with alot greater power our highest teams of 5 our between 50 and 70 yet the eneeteam has teams of 5 between 90 and 110 with the next 2 in same car being between 60 and 90 this. Is same with all cars so yet again our guild has no chance of beating them, please make it more equal on power matches


Why is it once we hit legendary we don’t get boxes anymore? My guild has won the last two wars since hitting legendary rank but got no rewards boxes?!?!?!


It’s been like this for the last 3 months. You’re late to the party


Well no actually cause I know it’s been like that but when someone in my guild asked me why we aren’t getting rewards boxes and I told them someone else had commented saying we do once we hit legendary #19 … idk why she thought that but made me wonder if something had changed so I went on here and asked :grin:


Another gripe Polaris a guild which will remain unnamed in here we wrote to customer support and got a shocking response. They have worked out in advance when they are facing us. They then make sure we have 0 cars to hit. Ok yes we win. However doing this is boring and shouldn’t be allowed. We expect to fight in war. What’s worse is they are the second strongest guild on server. Just because they claim they can’t beat us they won’t even try. Can something be done about this.


I know I have seen it said before, can we please get a clear all button for guild war lineup? We like to give everyone the chance to defend different cars, but it is very tike consuming to have to manually delete each defender from each car just to turn around and refill them!


If my Guild rank present is silver and i leave for join guild rank platinum… when my new guild win. i can receive my platinum box without skip gold box ??


Please see my post regarding the Guild Wars and allowing champions and leaders to edit lineups. I think it would be very beneficial!


Thanks guys for trying to explain guild wars. However I think I’m more confused then when I first started reading. So let me get this straight. 1st Since we are a new upcoming guild & only have maybe 5 players to reach TL45 & very little tokens to spend to sabotage, we just spend it on what or where we could/can? 2nd We Won Wow. Now the type of tokens have changed to another kind. So we just sabotage where we can. 3rd I just want to know. If we only have let’s say 5 guild members with the 45+ TL required for war, are we pitted against another guild with only few members war eligible? Or is there a pictular number of opponents we are required to fight? For example 10 were the minimum in DS is there a Minimum amount of players & if so what? I mean would I potentially expect to be facing the same amount of members or more? I know it seems like a small matter to you guys who have strong well established guilds. But hey everyone has to start somewhere. And this war in Disney Hero’s is nothing like PurBlue developers did when they made Dragon Soul. Can anyone give a fledgling guild a few tips, like what kind of tokens. Will be for the next war? Or are they randomly selected? Is there a sequence as to the kind of tokens we should/could expect? SMH :slight_smile: Small guild questions. I hope everyone dosent start yelling at me at the same time!