Guild War Overview

Guild War Overview

Head-to-Head Wars
Compete in two-day long wars against other guilds to climb the rankings and earn war box rewards. Spend the first day of war planning your attack and sabotaging enemy heroes. Spend the second day making one or two attacks to clear as many rooms as possible.

Legendary Ranking
Win 7 wars each month to reach Legendary Rank, earn unique posters, and even better war box rewards!

The Garage

Each Guild has nine cars that hinder all attacks against that guild or give the guild bonus points during the war. Defend your cars from attackers by setting your team of heroes to defend one of the nine cars.


On the first day of war you sabotage the enemy heroes. You have to do all your sabotaging on the first day, so plan ahead with your guild. When you sabotage a defender, you pick a specific hero from their lineup to sabotage. You also pick a specific type of sabotage from the list available in that war. The types of sabotage available change with each war.

Sabotaging a lineup costs tokens from a different game mode. The game mode changes as your guild ranks up. The cost increases the more heroes your guild sabotages a single player. Tokens spent are refunded if you lose the war.


Each player gets one free attack per war. Each guild has a limited number of extra attacks that players can use to make a second attack in a war. Your guild can get more extra attacks by upgrading one of the new guild perks described below.

Clear Rooms
When attacking, defeat all of the defenders in a room to disable the car for the remainder of the war. Starting at the ground floor, attacks must clear one room on a floor before the next floor up opens up.

15-Hero Fights

Each fight in a war requires you to fight three 5-hero defending teams with three different 5-hero attacking teams. Each defending hero you defeat stays KO’d for the remainder of the war. In these fights you can turn auto off and use your active skills more wisely.

Seasons & Rewards

Every month a new season of war starts. All guilds’ season ranks reset each month, allowing everyone a fresh chance to compete. Win wars to increase your season rank and earn war box rewards. The first six wins your guild gets in a season, your guild gains a new season rank and everyone in your guild earns war boxes. The seventh win promotes your guild to the Legendary season rank.

Legendary Rank

All guilds in Legendary are ranked against each other by their matchmaking rating (MMR).
When the season ends, everyone in Legendary gets extra war boxes and a unique season poster! Season posters are displayed in combat when other guilds fight you in future wars.

Matchmaking Rating (MMR)

When you queue for war, the game matches you against other guilds with the same season rank. If there are multiple guilds queued with the same season rank, the game tries to find you a guild with a similar MMR. Your guild’s MMR goes up and down every time your guild wins or loses a war. Your final MMR from the previous season carries over to the next one.

Guild Perks

War comes with the following new Guild Perks:

  • Extra Attacks
    • Gives your guild more attacks for members to use as second attacks
  • Bonus Rewards
    • Increases the rewards you get from war.
  • Car Size
    • Increases the number of defenders you can have on each room.
  • Car Bonuses
    • Increases the strength of the bonuses your guild’s cars give in war.

@Polaris can you tell, what was the reward drops from the war crate? There is a chance to get full hero?

The war boxes will not have full Heroes, but will include Hero Chips, War Tokens, Gold, Hero XP, Stamina, Badges, and more!


So, there are no limits to how many times we can Sabotage a single enemy? Or does each perk only work once per enemy, but stacks with each unique Sabotage?

Will the cost be deducted from whoever purchases the Sabotage perk? Or will there be a guild pot where members can donate X-amount of tokens for the war (with any unused coins being re-distributed)?

How are the extra attacks managed? Given by leaders to specific players?

How are opposing guilds selected?

Each opponent Hero can be sabotaged once. The cost increases to sabotage other Heroes owned by that same player.

The cost is deducted from the individual player who does the sabotage.

Anyone can use the extra attacks, so Guild members will need to communicate to coordinate who uses the extra attacks.

The MMR section above explains how matchmaking works. For the very first war, matchmaking will be based on the Guild’s Team Power.

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Could you explain more about the rooms vs cars?

There’s one car per room, and there can be multiple players defending each car. The cars have special power ups that affect the entire war, until all the players in that room (defending that car) have been defeated.

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Can you explain with more detail? What do you mean by different? Your 15 heros defending, should be different from the 15 attacking. So, will we be using a total of 30?

Attacking and defending are separate. So, if you have Sulley in your defending lineup, you can still use him in your attacking lineup. It’s like Coliseum, where you can only use each hero in one of the three lines (when you’re setting up attacking or defending).

When you attack, you can only use each hero once per war (like Creep Surge).

Is there anyway to see if people have set defenses for war? If not can leadership of guilds get this option?

@Polaris I just want to know how many Guildmembers can Do Clanwar?

I am in A Guild with 50/50 Guildmembers, all can Fight with the other Guild?

Or its 10 vs 10 , 20 vs 20 etc?

How much will hero chips be in the War store, and how often will the currency be given out? Like with Surge, how it’s sent out everyday if you participate in it. Will it be only once a month? Just wondering because I got unlucky and Felix will now only be available in the War shop in my server.

@Polaris I don’t know if I missed it or not, but how does a guild win? Is guild wars points based or are they who clears all 9 cars first?

Hi, didnt see a feedback section yet, but 2 things with set up.

  1. A button to clear all teams off all cars would be great.

  2. If we had sort options like putting cars at the bottom of the list rather than at the top.

  3. A way to easily see if all guild members have set teams.

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I started a feedback thread over here. Thanks!

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Perfect ill repost. Thanks.

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It looks like 1 player defends each car. I understand that that likely normalizes guild sizes to some extent (and perhaps encourages new guild formations). But I’d like you to consider occasionally or permenantly having 2 or 3 cars where 1 player can post 1 team in car only. Ie boost the participants in defense from 9 to 11, 14, or 17. To allow more players to access guild defense aspect. Because that is content that is otherwise segregated to the top 9 players in the guild. There’s a lot more players with competitive 5 man teams than 15 man. Ie a 150k TL player mighylt be able to arena with me, but no way they can coliseum with me… my 15 squad is way more power than they have total. So just think about it… I see a lot of reasons why you’d set 9… but the flip side is yer locking out 82% of your most active players (assuming that top guilds have the more active players and are generally full). I’m in a casual competitive guild (30s) and am happy, but I’d like to see a set up where some of mah guildies don’t feel like they are missing out. I imagine some folks may feel that way. Either now, or as the months wear on and it is same defenders over and over.

Sorry Polaris, I talk too much.

Less useful:
For some seasons, it’d be fun to see something game structure bending… changing the fight dynamic so we can rediscover the joys of team composition outside of the normal conventions.

Like something else other than 5 hero teams. Because there is only 5 hero team builds, the team combos are relatively stable across all types of game play. Changing the number changes the timing and skill synergies.Or reducing energy gain from damage taken by 50%. Cause that changes White Skill trigger. Just something that might change team setups, and allows the chess pieces to be reimagined. (Although easier disks seems to be doing that and thanks for that)

Posting that here because it’s to be released content… so you could mess with it without hissy fits from the client base.

Ciao bella

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A few questions.

  1. Win condition? I assume whoever clears all rooms first wins, and otherwise it’s based on score by wins and defences. Would be nice to be certain.

  2. Que for war? How long after a war finish to que for the next?