Gyro Gearloose's Likely Hero Concept (N.25)

Hi everyone! Today I present you Gyro Gearloose’s Likely Hero Concept!


Gyro Gearloose is a Front-Line “Tank” hero on the Red Team from Ducktales and unlockable at 1 star!

Description: This genius of inventions is about to shield his allies with a bubble, calling his helper and using an atomic disintegratore to damage your team!

Quote: “Now, try to keep up with my mind-numbing genius…”

Entrance: Gyro walks to his position with his helper, then he inserts him in his pocket.
Victory: Gyro smiles and his helper jumps for joy.
Defeat: Gyro becomes sad along with his helper.
Basic Attack: Gyro punches the closest enemy.


Protective Bubble
Gyro starts writing ideas on a sheet of paper for X seconds, gaining X stacks of “Hardy”. During this time, Gyro also recovers X HP per second and he’s invincible. Afterwards, Gyro applies a protective bubble to the entire team, giving himself and his allies a shield of X HP for X seconds and increasing his attack and movement speeds by X percent for X seconds.

Gyro’s Helper
Gyro calls his helper into the battle. The Helper has X Max HP and X basic damage. His helper’s basic attacks stun and silence the closest enemy for X seconds.
When the helper is KO’d, Gyro gains X stacks of “Hardy”, cleanses himself, and increases his Skill Power by X for X seconds.

Atomic Disintegrator
Gyro aims his Atomic Disintegrator at the enemy with the most Basic Damage, dealing X normal damage, stunning, silencing, and blinding him for X seconds, and decreasing his tenacity and evasion by X for X seconds.

Effective Helper
When Gyro’s Helper is KO’d, Gyro still gains the buffs from “Gyro’s Helper” but the helper returns to life with X HP and X basic damage.

When an ally loses a shield with “Protective Bubble”, Gyro cleanses that ally.

Ingenious Inventor
Now when Gyro and his allies protect themselves with “Protective Bubble”, everyone gains a X percent chance to dodge the enemies’ basic attacks for the duration of the shield.

“Atomic Disintegrator” now applies X stacks of “Fatigue” to the enemy with the highest Skill Power and decreases his attack and movement speed by X percent for X seconds.

  • X Skill Power
  • X Max HP
  • X Normal Damage to “Atomic Disintegrator”

Battle Badge

  • Charge Condition: Silence is applied to enemies
  • Stat Buff: +Skill Power
  • Lineup Buff: +Basic Damage per Tank Ally
  • Effect Buff: Precise


  • Audrey Ramirez
  • John Silver


Audrey Ramirez: “I have to fix this!”


Gyro meets Audrey and he helps her with his inventions!


  • X Armor
  • X Reality
  • The enemies lose X Skill Power while they’re stunned
  • The enemies lose X Basic Damage while they’re stunned


  • Now, when Gyro applies the protective bubble to the Team with “Protective Bubble”, all the team, Gyro included, gain X stacks of “Hardy”.

Allies: Milo Thatch, Luca & Alberto, Scrooge McDuck

John Silver: “A Metal Leg doesn’t get you hurt!”


Gyro and John Silver meet and Gyro starts studying the technologies John Silver has got.


  • X Max HP to Allies and Gyro
  • X Evasion to Allies
  • X Tenacity
  • X Skill Power for every stack of “Hardy” Gyro has got


  • Now “Atomic Disintegrator” decreases the enemy with the most Basic Damage’s attack and movement speeds by X percent for X seconds.

Allies: Jim Hawkins, Captain Amelia, Agent P

Thanks Everyone!

Exactly, thanks everyone for 1,5k views in My Hero Concepts’ List and for letting me reach my 25th hero concept! I’m glad you supported me since the first day I entered the forums, and now I went so far! I have to say something. Exactly yesterday, 8 months have passed since my first post on the forum. It was something about Hiro Hamada and about his Green Skill. I didn’t know much of the game, even though I was playing it more than a year. In the same day, I posted my first Hero Concept. 8th January 2023. It was Aladdin’s Sultan’s Hero Concept. I’ll tell you: this concept was made in the first months of 2022, when I was playing the game from only 6 months. I didn’t know all the stats, buffs and debuffs of the game, but then I started to learn. Since that concept, I continued making Hero Concepts, and now I’m here! I’m here because you supported me! Thanks everyone for getting me used to being in the forum.

That’s All!

I hope you liked this Likely Hero Concept!


This Likely Hero Concept is now in My Hero Concepts’ List!

Great Concept.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Incredible work

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Thanks for the feedback!

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Good :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I love it! Great job! :+1:

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Good concept

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Thank you for the feedback!

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