Half-genie hero(unlikely concept 10)



2 star, frontline damage

“Half a genie is better then none after all”

Shantae uses her transformations to keep enemies on their toes


Entrance: shantae dances in

Victory: shantae belly dances

Defeat: she falls onto the ground

Basic attack: shantae whips enemies with her hair, dealing x damage


White:dance to transform

Shantae dances for a little bit before transforming herself into one of three forms

Monkey: attacks by scratching the enemy and gains a small speed boost when the transformation ends.

Elephant: charges at the enemies which deals x damage and knocks back the enemy hit and gives shantae 40% armor.

Harpie: attacks by kicking the enemy and gives herself a attack boost for 4 seconds.

Green: power kick

Shantae kicks the nearest enemy, dealing x damage to that enemy and knocking that enemy back a small distance

Blue: feeling crabby

Shantae turns into a crab and snips at the nearest enemy, dealing x damage.

Purple: island protector

“Feeling crabby” now gives shantae x armor when the move ends

Red: belly dancing

Each of shantaes transformations have a new effect

Monkey: increases shantaes attack speed overtime for how long she is in the form

Elephant: gives a shantae a shield for x amount when the transformation ends

Harpie: deals x more damage when given a buff


Bad hair day
Faster attacks

Shantaes basic attack is now 30% more faster when buffed

Lamp life
“power kick” now breaks shields

“Power kick” now has a 40% chance to break shields under 30% of the shields health


What do Rapunzel and Genie got something in common with her?

Shantae and Rapunzel are both known for using their hair in combat

Shantae is a half genie and genie is a genie

I see then

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