Halloween concept fun! 🎃 (Daily Reminder!)

Get Ready!

For a new concept creation contest/Writing contest in town Being held by yours truly @The_Spooky_Vizier this contest will allow many forumers to create either stories or concepts that will be critiqued by the many judges of the contest he top three stories and or concepts will be accepted as the winners, the number 1 Concept or Story will be given the titles of Pumpkin King/Queen Number 1 writers will be given the title of Halloween Bookmaster! more information on the contest will be right here!

Update 1.13! :medal_sports::smiley:

Perblue has really redeemed themselves with this fresh new patch, in these patch notes we get iconic villains Yzma :test_tube:, Madam Mim :crystal_ball: and a new Muppet, Gonzo :motorcycle:! and this patch comes with a lot of improvements and exciting things to see! More information here!

Fresh Beats!

Don’t forget to enjoy the day with these spectacular, awesome beats!

Don’t forget to vote which song you liked most! :grin:

  • Chill Day :sun_behind_large_cloud::vhs:
  • Oh My! :tv::radio:
  • Boys and Girls :movie_camera::film_strip:
  • Panini (Instrumental) :iphone::computer:

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Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for the next reminder! :newspaper:


It’s time to get spooky!

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