Come One, Come All! The Forum Halloween Contest Has Begun!

Good evening! It’s time for the DHBM Forum Halloween Contest! :jack_o_lantern:

The Concept Contest :fire:

The first portion of the tournament is the Halloween Concept Contest! In this tournament, players will be given time to make hero concepts and post them for judges to review. The concept can be either Likely or Unlikely, but they have to be one of the following: a villain, related to Halloween, or generally scary. If the judges can’t find a connection to one of these three, it won’t be judged! The Top 3 concepts (rated by judges!) Will be announced the winners!

The entries will be evaluated by qualities like creativity, realism, and originality. If you think it’ll help your concept, bring it!

No specific template is required, but it has to be clean and reasonably arranged. If we have too much difficulty trying to read it, it won’t be judged. Requirements:

•At least 1 main picture of the character at the top of the concept. GIFS are also allowed and encouraged.
•The character’s name, role, and position.
•Default number of :star:s.
•A quote from the hero (If it doesn’t speak, you can either skip the quote or do: “. . .”).
•A short bio or tooltip of the hero.
•Basic Attack and complete White, Green, Blue, and Purple Skills with at least one variable each.
•Friendship Disks with in-game heroes.

NOTE: Red Skills are not required for concept entries. Judges will not evaluate or penalize contestants simply because a concept does/doesn’t have a Red Skill. It is optional to include it.


No prize money can be offered, but the 1st place winner will be given the title of “The Pumpkin King/Queen” ! That is - until next Halloween.

The Writing Contest :memo:

Players will write a story about the DHBM world during the Halloween season! Whether it’s a battle against an army of pumpkin-themed creeps or two players trying to throw a cool Halloween party - anything can happen!

Qualities including good detail, good storytelling, writing skills, and other literary elements will come into play when evaluating stories.

No specific format is required, but make it clean and easy to read. There is no character limit, but our Writing Judges have only two weeks to grade and rank some very high-quality writing pieces. So please - no full-length chapter books :open_book:!

•Story can include characters that aren’t currently in-game, but they have to be owned by Disney and must be likely to be added. No Star Wars or Marvel.
•No inappropriate content or swearing.
•Has to have a specific plot, a protagonist, antagonist/conflict (remember that an antagonist isn’t always a person!), and resolution.

No prize money is offered, but the 1st Place Winner will be named this year’s “Halloween Bookmaster” ! . . . Until next Halloween.

Times and Other Details :mantelpiece_clock:

Many of you, I’m sure, remember the wonderful Concept Contest hosted by @TheTurkey-ettiKing and @Silver_Platter from a few weeks ago! The contest flowed very well, but had a slight difficulty with a few spammers running rampant in the entry posts. If this occurs during this contest, please ignore them - too much flagging results in closed topics. Closed Topics = Delays!

If a user finds out the identity of a judge, we ask that you please keep it to yourself and avoid telling others. Be Warned! Any private messages to the judges or Contest Staff that in any way try to persuade the judges to tamper with the Contest or it’s results will result in immediate disqualification.

Players are allowed to enter one entry per contest. Players are allowed to change their entry as long as, 1. The entry/submission posts are still open. 2. The old entry has been deleted before posting the replacement.

September 29th: Announcement
October 9th: Concept and Writing Entry Posts Open
October 16th: Entry Posts Close, End of Submissions
October 16th - October 30th: Judging
Halloween: Results Posted!

Let the Contest begin! Mwahahahahaha!


You need to ask @polaris to make this an actual thing, like the regular badge :joy:


I can’t wait to see what concepts and stories we get! Getting in the Halloween mood!


I was going to use that as my Halloween name! I’ll have to come up with a better one. :wink:

Regardless, you have my blessing. Good luck.


I mean hey, there’s plenty of other names :smile: I’m sure I can find another titular prize. Thank you for the blessing :heart:


Do we create concept?

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I don’t have a concept for Halloween persay but I might edit it to have such edits Check out @MewtwoSwag Sadness Character Concept

This isn’t the submission posts. Let’s not advertise either.


Sorry didn’t notice that

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I might not be a Halloween guy, but I could make a concept

If only the title reward is displayable like where “Regular” is displayed, then the reward could be more physical


Oh, another Concept Contest. Even though I already made a famous Disney villain in the previous contest, I’m in!


I’m in as well. Starting October, I will focus on Unlikely Villians, but I’ll have hard time searching it

Hopefully I can make a entry if I have time!
But it’ll still be exciting reading everyone else’s entries!


This seems very fun! I’ll see what I can do


Ooh, fun! I can’t wait to actually participate in this, rather than host it!


Fun. But I don’t know if I will win.


Well anyone can enter and win! Except for the judges!


Can I be one of the judge?

All judges have already been decided most likely. Right @The_Spooky_Vizier?


Indeed. All judges have been selected.

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