Happy 19th Anniversary to Kim Possible

Today is a very good day, because today is the 19th anniversary of one of Disney’s most popular shows, KIM POSSIBLE!
KP Gif 2 F1C3D4B0-AF31-4626-A04C-891B3BC253D3

Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions or anything you want to share related to Kim Possible, and we’ll talk bout it through the forums. It’s no big.

In order to celebrate, I created a forum concept for Monkey Fist, who you can check out here:
A Monkey-Themed Supervillain (Likely Concept) - Creative Corner / Hero Concepts - Disney Heroes: Battle Mode (disneyheroesgame.com)

Call and Beep, because it’s KP’s special day!


Why placed it on creative corner?
Should you put it on general chat?

OK, I fixed it so it’s in Game Chat.

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