A Monkey-Themed Supervillain (Likely Concept)

Name: Monkey Fist
Monkey Fist

Quote: “Don’t worry. I’ll write you a letter of recommendation. And by then I’ll have led an army of ninja monkeys into battle under the power of the Lotus Blade!”

Description: Monkey Fist uses his mystical Monkey powers and karate skills to take down enemies on the battlefield.

Role: Damage

Position: Front

Stars: :star: :star:

Team: Blue

Basic Attack: Monkey Fists flips near an enemy and deals damage.

Victory: Gives a thumbs up and stands upright.

Defeat: Falls over and facepalms himself.

White Skill: Monkey Leap

Monkey Fist flips over to the back line of enemies, passing through enemies and knocking them back with each hit, dealing X damage. Monkey Fist then returns to frontward position near his allies.

Damage Type: :fist: Normal Damage

Green Skill: Tempus Simia

Monkey Fist activates Tempest Simia, granting him 150% attack speed and heals himself for X HP. The idol then shoots out a beam dealing X damage to enemies in a close range.

Damage Type: :shield: True Damage

Blue Skill: Primate Punches
MF Skill #3

Monkey Fist flips over to the front most enemy, dealing X damage to them, sapping them for 12 seconds, and knocking them back.

Purple Skill: Mystical Monkey Power

After Monkey Fist heals with “Tempus Simia”, the cooldown for “Primate Punches” is reduced to 0 seconds.

Red Skill: Simian Siege

If enemies were to be knocked back by “Monkey Leap” or “Primate Punches”, Monkey Fist steals 650 of their energy.

Monkey Fist also deals 200% more damage to enemies that were knocked back in the last 10 seconds.

The energy removal and bonus damage have a chance to fail if enemies are above level X.


Monkey Fist/Dr. Drakken

Disk Name: Top Banana

Disk Symbol: A Golden Banana

Campaign Title: Monkey See, Monkey Doom

Campaign Description: Dr. Drakken seeks the help of Monkey Fist in order for their new plan to take down Kim Possible and acquire a new power source that could put the city in peril.

Allies: King Louie, Gizmoduck, Honey Lemon

Delay Arrivals of Control Enemies

  • -X Skill Power to Enemies

  • +X Basic Damage to Monkey Fist and Allies

  • When a new wave begins, any control enemies that arrive in combat have their entrances delayed by 1 (+1 seconds per star) seconds

Monkey Fist/Rafiki

Disk Name: Ba-Boom!

Disk Symbol: A bomb with a monkey on it.

Campaign Title: Primate Paradise

Campaign Description: Monkey Fist seeks the help of Rafiki to seek a so-called “Primate Paradise” for his ninja monkeys to resign.

Allies: Russell and Kevin, Pleakley, The Manticore

Give “Berserk” to Ally

  • +X Max HP to Monkey Fist & Allies

  • +X Armor

  • Once per wave, when an ally reaches below 45% of their max HP, Monkey Fist will make the ally with the least HP Berserk for 3 (+3 seconds per star); Berserk heroes can’t fall below 1 HP. Monkey Fist can only make one ally berserk at a time


Which Disk do you use?

Which Disk?
  • Dr. Drakken
  • Rafiki

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Being “reduced by” and being “reduced to” are different things. In the way you wrote it, the cooldown isn’t reduced at all

OK, It’s fixed. What do you think of this concept?

It sounds good, but dealing extra damage to knocked back enemies is kinda impossible, since knock back is instantaneous. You could write: “Monkey Fist deals 200% more damage to enemies that were knocked back in the last 10 seconds.”

OK, That sounds better. What disk would you work on, and why?

Dr. Drakken disk, because making an ally berserk at the start of the wave is kinda useless.

I would agree, Drakken’s disk can really be a great counter against control heroes, and make Powerline completely useless. :slight_smile:

I made the berserk disk when an ally is below a percent of a max HP instead of a start because it would be useless like you said, so I fixed it.

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