Harrison From Camp Camp - Unlikely Concept


Harrison’s inhuman ability to perform real magic scares all enemies and is a great ally for your team

“Woah… it appears I have freaked my own mind”
Stars: :star2:
Role: Control
Position: Midline
Trials Team: Yellow

Basic Attack: Harrison throws cards, the cards pierce through 3 enemies

Entrance: Harrison comes in riding on huge cards, when in position he hops of the cards and makes them hand size. Then Harrison slouch’s down and is ready to fight.

Victory: Harrison gives himself a spell to fly, then he flies around in a few circles. Harrison then stretches out into a Y before falling back to the ground.

Defeat: Harrison tries to perform a disappear spell but he fails. Harrison falls to the ground and sobs


White Skill: Ta da :white_circle:
:sparkles: Fantastic
Harrison twiddles his fingers dealing X damage to all enemies and scares all enemies for 10 seconds, and the player gets to chose an enemy to disappear for 10 seconds. On auto the strongest enemy disappears for 10 seconds.

After the 10 seconds are over Harrison goes invisible for 8 seconds and the enemy that is brought back gets scared for 12 seconds and stunned for 4 seconds.
(Harrison cannot use this ability again till the enemy returns.)
Scare has a chance to fail against enemies above level X

Green Skill: All we do is pull rabbits out of hats :green_circle:
:sparkles: Fantastic
Harrison takes off his hat and pulls a rabbit out of it healing him for X HP and gives him X energy. Harrison then throws the rabbit at an enemy dealing X damage and saps them for 6.5 seconds

If the enemy he hit had above 50% HP Harrison gains 6 stacks of “hardy” and gives the enemy 6 stacks of “weakness” for 7 seconds. Each stack of weakness applied to an enemy makes them take X more damage from all sources

If the enemy he hit had below 50% HP Harrison scares the enemy for 12 seconds. If the enemy is still alive after the scare then Harrison gains 3 stacks of “hardy”

Blue Skill: Outcasts together! :large_blue_circle:
:sparkles: Fantastic
Harrison grabs the book quarter master gave him and reads it. Harrison begins to float and then sends a huge wave of bright pink light dealing X damage and curses enemies for 12 seconds and scares enemies for 6 seconds.

If Harrison has below 50% HP when he performs this skill he becomes invincible for 6 seconds

The curse has a chance to fail against enemies above level X

Purple Skill: That’s kinda why i’m here :purple_circle:
Every second an enemy is scared Harrison gains X basic damage and X max HP

Red Skill: My mom says i’ll grow into my looks :red_circle:
When any enemy on screen is scared Harrison deals X extra basic damage

+Z Healing from “All we do is pull rabbits out of hats”

The removed healing that enemies try to do while cursed is now given to Harrison and his allies
+Z Max HP
+Z Tenacity
+X Basic Damage

Friendships: :handshake:

Was this your card

Harrison and Kim Possible
Whenever Harrison performs a skill, Harrison and allies gain a 70% movement speed increase for 8 seconds (can’t stack)

Disk Power
+Z Reality
+X Basic Damage

Harrison steals 3% of enemies basic damage and gives it to his allies (+4% every star)

Allies: The Mad Hatter, Jack Jack, Fairy Godmother

Kids are kids!

Harrison and Peter Pan
“Outcasts Together!” Now blinds enemies for 10 seconds (can’t stack)

Disk Power
+Z Healing from all sources
+X Tenacity

Harrison and allies deals 10% extra damage to all blinded enemies (+10% every star)

Allies: Alice, Russell, Miguel Rivera

Which Friendship Would You Use
  • Peter Pan
  • Kim Possible

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I would really like to know what kind of lineup you would use with Harrison and who/what kind of team would counter him

and please tell me if you think i should change any of his ability’s and skills : D

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Is it a coincidence that the day after you posted this, I made a meme about him looking like Bill Cipher in the meme center?

Maybe, lol

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