He can do anything (Unlikely remake-cept)



Stars: :star::star:
Position: Backline
Role: Damage
Trial team: Blue


See the devilsknife, see the curtains on fire, jevil’s on the battlefield ready to unleash chaos on any enemy he desires


Entrance: Jevil teleports into the battlefield with his hand raised and then he laughs

Victory: Jevil laughs while two devilsknifes circle him

Defeat: Jevil gets tired out

Basic attack: Jevil throws a spade at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage


White: My final chaos

Jevil summons a group of devilsknifes from the sky which rains down on the enemy team, each devilsknifes deals X damage and halves the armor of each enemy they hit by 60%

Then a final giant devilsknife falls down and slices through the whole enemy team, dealing X damage to all foes, decreasing 100% armor and X energy from each enemy and applying 3 stacks of “weakness” to each enemy.

Armor and energy decrease is less effective against enemies above LV Z

Green: All you sinners

Jevil summons two bombs which he then drops on the two enemies with the highest armor, the club bomb deals X damage to the foe and stuns the foe for 8 seconds while also shooting out clubs that deal X damage to other nearby enemies

The heart bomb deals X damage to the foe and charms the foe for 8 seconds, it also shoots out hearts that deal X damage to other nearby enemies while also having a 45% chance to charm each foe as well.

Blue: Catch me if you can

Jevil makes a silly face as he launches a volley of 5 small spade bullets at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage to the foe and knocking the foe back.

He does this attack 3 times to the same enemy.

Purple: Chaos, chaos

The club bomb from “All you sinners” has a 75% chance to inflict an extra random disable onto the target enemy.

Red: World’s revolving

“My final chaos” now deals X extra damage per each stack of weakness on each enemy when preforming this skill.

Jevil now deals X extra true damage with his basic attack and “catch me if you can”
+X damage to “All you sinners”
+X skill power
+X max HP


Clowning achievement
double disables when threatened

Disables dealt out by allies are now doubled when they are under 45% of their health.

Cryptic chaos
Weakness pierces armor

Each stack of “weakness” on an enemy now pierces the armor of each target enemy by 15% per each stack of “weakness”.

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