Hear me out: Star Wars heroes

We have so many amazing characters already, but I’d love to see the Star Wars lineups become a thing. I know for certain if heroes like Obi-Wan, Luke Skywalker, C3PO get added a lot more people will start downloading and using this game!

They would need permission which would be difficult and kind of doesn’t work besides they have other games for Star Wars.


I would love this as a huge SW fan, but it is not going to happen because rights issues and things like that.


There are Star Wars only RPGs out there that you can play though.

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Didn’t Polaris already confirm in a previous Q & A that they wouldn’t include Star Wars characters in this game?

Also quite frankly, as cool of an idea as it sounds, I personally would kind of prefer if they didn’t, mainly because then the floodgates would open for Star Wars characters to overwhelm the cast (looking at you, Tsum Tsum and Disney Infinity…).


Yeah they did.

I agree. SW would also really not fit into the game extremely well with the story.


This is true, I’m only bringing this up because my partner said he won’t play until they bring out Star Wars characters hahaha
But you’re definitely right, if Star Wars were to happen I could see it getting flooded with numerous heroes

Only because there are so many great ones.

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I guess he’s going to wait for eternity.


Honestly though…even assuming they did include Star Wars…really? C3P0?

No thank you leave him out of it regardless.

I think if they were to add heroes from SW it should and should only be C3P0 , I don’t want marvel or SW characters but if they donhed be the only one I could see being in the game

Not to sound rude or anything, but ONLY C3P0? Really? Not any of the characters with actual lightsabers or guns or the Force? ONLY C3P0?


Only C3PO… lmao. There are so many characters from both franchises that would thrive in this game. The possibilities for many of them are endless… but it is never going to happen.


It’s like saying the only character you want in The Wizard of Oz is the Tin Man lol.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Why must you turn EVERY SINGLE POST into a jab at PerBlue?


Especially since this isn’t even a thread about the quality of the game.


Not a jab at pb just a statement of your chances, but if I wanted to stab at them I have plenty of reasons.

But no I was pointing out how well the games that need to go down before there might be a chance we got the heroes was.

Well to get the wish of op it requires the quality of this game to go up and the quality of the others to go down so yes my comment fits.

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