Héctor (Coco Hero Concept)


In the Land of the Dead, Héctor’s been widely renowned for his music. Now, he is forced to use his melodies for good while his allies battle the City’s enemies.
Trial Team: Yellow
Role: Midline Support
Stars: :star:
Quote: “Skeletons don’t walk like that.”

Entrance: Héctor walks into the battlefield and grabs his guitar.
Victory: Héctor cries out his grito.
KO: Héctor looks at the enemy lineup in shock, and his eyes drop into his mouth.

Basic Attack: Héctor plays his guitar, which will either deal X damage to a random enemy or give X HP to all allies.

White Skill - Remember Me - Fantastic Damage
Héctor plays his guitar softly, granting himself and all allies X HP. Héctor will continue playing until all allies’ HP are completely restored.

Green Skill - Family Ofrenda Scan
Héctor fires up an ofrenda monitor and scans the weakest ally.

  • If that ally has one or more debuffs applied to them, the monitor reads “:x:” and buzzes, and Héctor removes all of their debuffs.
  • If the ally has no debuffs, the monitor reads “:white_check_mark:” and chimes, and Héctor grants them a 20% attack speed increase for the rest of the wave.

Blue Skill - Spirit Guide
Héctor whistles for Dante, who flies through the enemy lineup, dealing X damage and stealing X HP and energy from each enemy hit, and splitting the stolen HP and energy evenly among all allies.

Purple Skill - Blessing Boost
If Héctor reaches 0HP, he gives his blessing to the weakest ally, granting them all his energy, Skill Power, and buffs (if any have been applied).

His energy gain is increased to X.

Red Skill - Time of My Afterlife
Héctor grants allies X Skill Power each time he performs his “Remember Me” and “Family Ofrenda Scan” skills.

  • +X max HP
  • +X Basic damage
  • +X damage to Spirit Guide

Héctor + the Mayor
Campaign: Musical Spooks - With the Mayor running for mayor of the City, his first priority is to provide a little musical synergy for his fellow Halloweentown residents. Héctor steps up to the plate, finding that oddly enough, the creatures find his serenades soothing.
Disk: Truco o Trato
Disk Memory: Héctor’s “Family Ofrenda Scan” skill scares enemies for 7 seconds.
Disk Power: Z Basic Skill power, Z evasion
Allies: Syndrome, Maleficent, Clawhauser

Héctor + Miguel Rivera
Campaign: Dead or Alive - Héctor is on the run from a group of creeps, and stumbles upon Miguel once again. While he makes an effort to hide his great-great grandfather, Miguel deduces that they must face them head-on, with help from some newfound friends.
Disk: Send In the Cavalry
Disk Memory: Héctor is invincible while granting allies HP with his “Remember Me” skill.
Disk Power: Z Blue Skill power
Allies: Chip & Dale, Agent P, Tigger


Love this concept! One thing though:

Quote: “It’s been an honor. I hope you die real soon.”

That quote is actually said by Ernesto De La Cruz.

The website I got it from said otherwise, but I’ll fix it anyway.

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fantastic terrific Concept @the_One_and_Only1! You’re so extraordinary, Hector is my favourite coco character out of them all!! You’re so amazing! I wish I could be like ya!

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seriously though, love this concept and I love the character. Great job!

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this isn’t hector barbosa FYI his already in the game…bruh

That was very obviously meant to be a joke. :expressionless:


Total bruh moment, it was a joke lol

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