Heist AFK player

That not fair for the player who is really play in this mode while other player come in just AFK then loss the game.
And can’t chat to they when they still AFK.
Maybe can add a kick out buttom for those AFK player can we?


Yes that true yachts only a thing that must made for heist


Very annoying. I quit playing public heist for that reason.


It‘s getting more and more frustrating, because the number of absent players is increasing. Yesterday there were 3 of 5 off while playing a medium heist. Really annoying!


Finally played a heist where all 5 players left. I was the last. I left so that no one would get rewards for my hard work. Need to find a way to keep players from getting rewards for not participating.


Even some players with the green dots are AFK. Do they start a heist and just walk away?!?

When you guys do eventually code something up to deal with AFKers, the green dot shouldn’t be the only thing used to determine whether someone is AFK.

It is pretty annoying… and they absolutely should not be getting the reward for sitting there doing F&$& all!


Totally agree with you! I had four other players join and just sit there. Makes me not even wanna play heists at all. I wish the creators would do something about this issue


Just got off another match where i was the last one playing. It happened 3 times this week. I just left and let the tokens go to waste. Why play? This problem just got waaaay worse in a matter of two weeks!!! We need a vote kick system, actuaply that would only work if people are present…maybe tthe leader should be allowed to kick?

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Another day, another heist where all 4 other players were AFK.

Won it singlehandedly. Again. But I guess this is working as intended…?

I wish they’d have a system like World of Warcraft. If someone is AFK, you should have the option to vote to kick them. If you’re AFK, you can’t vote. If the vote passes, they’re removed from the heist.


They probably just need a way for those folks with no time or inclination to play the heist to be able to just raid it with a raid ticket for some lesser reward. This combined with a kick feature would help reduce the number of AFKers to start with.

I’ve also been renaming my heists to “No AFKers Thanks!”, and this seems to help slightly.

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Is there any update on this issue? How are you intending on solving the problem and any word on a possible patch date?

Heist is a great game mode being ruined by AFK players. It is SOOO annoying I want to slap them silly!


I think you also have to punish AFKlers. They are benefitting for no work. So if one is not moving/ guarding in a certain time, that player will be flagged as AFK. If the Heist went successful, you get no reward but you will still lose a ticket snd maybe you lose the right to participate in/ start a heist for a certain time.

Additionaly the suggested option to vote should also decrease AFLler.

There should also be a counter how many times you were flagged as AFK. Reaching a certain number and you will be permanently blocked from heist.


Most of the time a player is afk there’s no green dot next to their name. It might not even be possible to kick players mid battle but a best possible solution might be to make sure afk players don’t get rewarded for completing the heist.

And it can make so that those who left the heist for 1 minute, cleaned up, and someone else could take his place)) And he will lose the ticket and the reward. But on the other hand, those who have problems with the connection and who throw them out of the game will be very bad (((

I’m all for no reward for afk. I just carried a whole team

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Y para cuando se haran cargo de los afks en el heist??? 3 jugadores afk robo facil, ya no es que los llamen justo o tengan algo que hacer, es por que en esta empresa no hacen NADA por arreglar este problema molesto cuatas aemanas reclamando lo mismo y nadieda una respuesta de peso, sinceramente no dan ganas de jugar el heist un total fracaso este modo de juego ABURRIDO!!

Why not do private heists with your guild?

Already posted somewhere a comment about this issue, but just to make a little reminder: there are players who don’t have a green dot next to them, BUT, there are also the ones who do have a green dot and rather not do anything and continue playing other modes or even just chat (whatever they’re doing).
Today unfortunately that happened, 2 players were online the whole Heist from start to finish without doing a single action (10-15 minutes tops to complete today’s heist), plus one afk (without the green dot).
I hope something is also beeing made as well about online players not giving any sort of any command or action.


Aun no hay hecho nada para arreglar este problema, mientras que unos se esfuerzan por ganar el robo otros solo disfrutan de las recompensas, yo juego al robo en nivel medio y varias veces me ha tocado que solo 2 jugadores terminamos el robo para no perder el ticket . LAMENTABLE.

@Polaris this has been a major issue with heist talked about for months. The kick feature in the lobby is great, but it does no good if the host cannot kick inactives once the heist actually starts. Do you guys have a plan to help this? Those who don’t participate should not be getting rewards. It wastes our time, our hard work, and wastes a spot in the 5 person team for someone else who might actually participate.

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