Heist being kick out for not good reason

I’m quite upset the kick out option on heist! Sure I understand those just doing nothing being kick out, but I’ve been scratch from clue to clue and while I’m battling my ambush apparently the host didn’t think I was there and kick me off the heist while we were almost done, without any explanation from me, and I didn’t know who is the host is just frustrating!


What probably happened is during the ambush they found the hideout and kicked out everyone to invite friends and guildmates for a heist win. It’s unfortunate but that is a tactic employed nowadays. Either that or after players join a heist the host starts and leaves the heist for the others to either fail or complete.


Kick should be changed to only idle players.

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Hmmm but what is the definition of idle??

Wow, I didn’t know there r people out there like dat. :hushed:


Being kicked out of the heist for no good reason is one way for the host to backstab you. They shouldn’t be doing that if other players are contributing. The kick should go to the afk and inactive players that aren’t contributing anything to the heist and taking up a slot in the heist. If the host can’t kick players out, but you, they’re not doing a very good job being as one. My suggestion is to host your own heist and if the person who kicked you out of their heist joins your heist, you wanna do a little payback and kick them out if public or if you want, you can join the heist with your guild depending on the difficulty they’re doing to make it easy enough to get yourself some heist coins, but to avoid having afk and inactive players, you wanna set it private. Same with friends if they’re hosting or willing to do one.

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No doubt this is frustrating but the truth is that for a very long time and huge amount of people requested the ability for the heist host to kick players and what has happened to you is an unfortunate side effect of having that ability.
The problem with saying only inactive players should be kicked is that there are other good reasons to kick people. For example what if one player is repeatedly going into fights and pulling characters who are supposed to be guarding jewels? He would not be inactive but in my opinion should be kicked.
The easiest ways to avoid this is to either host your own heists, avoid public heists or only heist with people you know and trust.


I guess that it’s time for Perblue to penalize and ban players. Because if not, they will continue doing that and complaints will continue to rise.

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I guess in the ambush you called heroes guarding gems and of course you were kicked…

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Perblue shouldn’t ban players for doing things other people don’t like. I don’t condone kicking people without reason but it isn’t a good enough cause for a ban.
It’s simple, don’t heist with people you don’t know and if you do get kicked then take a note of the heist leader and avoid them in future.
Deal with these issues yourself, don’t ask Perblue to fix every tiny issue.


I would like to clarify some things to you, @Lord_Skellington.

  1. Since the heist was created in public, the host should let anyone join. I’m expecting that you’re aware of a public and private heist.
  2. Kicking players for no reason? Well, that’s not a good attitude of a heist creator. If you support that, well, I’m speechless.
  3. What if there’s 1000 players like that? Well, I wonder of you could list all that, Even if there’s only a hundred of them. Instead of the abusers, the good one should adjust? I wish that you’re just kidding.

Some players have found a way to abuse the heist. If that’s the kind of system that you want, then I have no more to say.


I do not support it at all. In fact I completely agree that it is an awful attitude and should not be encouraged.
But that doesn’t mean that people should be banned for it. There are genuine reasons to ban people (actual cheating, refunds, genuine abuse etc) but the fact is that this problem is fairly easily fixed with a very small change from the people it affects.


One thing about the Kick Option in the Heist is that you can’t kick out someone while they’re battling…

I tried to kick an AFK but they just happened to stumble upon the Thief and prevented me from kicking them…

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You know, what I am suggesting is that people who abuse the heist should be penalized first or be warned about their abuse. The ban that I am talking about are for those players who would not stop after being warned.

I want this game to have a harmony, like players should be well mannered when it comes to playing with other players. And punishments help keep the order in anything and avoid these things to happen.

I do believe that the heist still hasn’t improved so well, I encounter problems most of the time. But with some improvisation, I think the heist will become a better place to hang out.

Anyway, I would really like to know about your heist suggestions, so that I could understand you more.

How would you suggest the way they get penalized? When they get Reported?

Whilst I sympathise with anyone who gets kicked out of a heist unfairly I think that on a practical level it isn’t plausible to penalise anyone for it.
It’s a feature that the majority were screaming out for and the truth is that the idea of “fair” is completely subjective in this case. I might kick someone for pulling characters off gems or starting thief fights immediately, which I think would be fair, but the person I kick could feel that as they were active then it was an unfair kick.
There is no ideal solution to this but unfortunately it is just the cost of the players being given a feature they demanded.


Seems like you still don’t know the issue here. The player is kicking someone who hasn’t done anything wrong. Is it reasonable to kick the player fighting at an ambush? Well, I think we all have one answer to this. That’s the kind of players that I want to penalize.

I can’t answer that. It should be up to Perblue to construct penalties.


That is exactly my point. Everyone has a different opinion about what is a fair reason to kick someone out of a heist. So is it fair to punish someone for taking an action that they think is perfectly reasonable just because someone else doesn’t agree?

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That’s why there is SUPPORT to be able to investigate and analyze what is fair and not, and setting a standard will be the players guidelines.

And please let’s talk about the OP’s concern for now.

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