Heist being kick out for not good reason

Another look at this from a different perspective may let the original poster understand really what may have happened. I too have been kicked from a heist back when I first tried to do heist. I just joined another. I didn’t loose anything really. In fact I still had my heist ticket. It took me quite a bit of reading here on the forum to understand why I might have been kicked. Anyway I’ve improved quite a bit by reading the stradagies of other players. So I chalked it up to experience. However by reading this thread I’ve found another strategy. I need to ask a question. @Lord_Skellington Why should a person be kicked for fighting the theif immediately? Forgive my ignorance I’m always open to understanding. Also @HeroSSWin what is an AFK?

PS I haven’t been kicked but twice & now I am getting invited since I’ve improved by learning several different strategies.

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AFK means “Away From Keyboard”… or in DHBM’s case, an AFP - “Away From Phone”

Basically a player who joins a Heist and leaves, or starts a Heist and leaves.


Well quite naturally they should be kicked.

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Here’s my idea for a renewed heist

  1. No kick feature (but hear me out)
  2. If you do not Do anything for 1 min (search for clues)
  3. If someone finds the thief the person who found it get 10 secs then the rest of the players have the availability to fight the last 50 secs
  4. If someone finds the hide out it gives you a 10 wait then anybody can click the fight button
  5. The host can be kicked for idea number 2
    Because ik sometimes the host abuses the “power”

Guess I forgot to read “all” of the chats😂

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It is generally not a good strategy to start a fight against the thief immediately. You have 60 seconds to trigger the fight, the better idea is to use this time to make sure you have plenty of strong support as close to the fight as possible so you can call them in to help straight away.

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@Lord_Skellington thanks that makes sense. That might have been a reason for them being kicked as well.

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Def not good practice to kick people for no reason. I was only ever kicked from 1 heist, and it was cause “my heroes sucked” even tho I had higher power than the host lol nothing we can do about it unfortunately. I agree the kick feature has got to be changed to where you can only kick people who aren’t guarding or moving.

But I want to share some insight on my heisting experience as well. Keep in mind it’s all ridiculous to me…but it’s fact. People will kick for a vast amount of reasons, the #1 being power sufficient enough for the difficulty. If you’re doing super hard and you’re the 5th to join with 90k power, many people will kick you for that. 2nd reason you might be kicked is not following the rules the host set for their heist. If you accidentally pull a hero off a gem, as many of us have done at least once, the host may kick you for that. If you join and don’t help guard gems, host may view you as not being a team player and kick you, especially if there’s one person with higher power who’s on 3 or more gems.

The kick abuse has become ridiculous, to say the least. I hope you have a better heist experience in the future. I advise adding people as friends that you like heisting with, or heisting with guild mates, and keep a list of bad heisters so you don’t join them or have them in your heist.

You’re definitely lucky if you join a Heist with:

  1. players active all the time
  2. players strong and competent enough
  3. a host who’s fair in Kicking

If being kicked is such a problem, why not just host your own heist?

Okay, so the OP’s issue may be solved if the kicking issue will be addressed properly.

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I personally kick without warning players who are active BUT they pull champions from gems for their ambushes.
To many times I have lost gems to trigger happy “children”.
It should be common sense to everyone that they should just let their champions get defeated if it means risking gems


Thats a stupid tactic

Stupid for Active Players, yes, but for AFKers and Exploiters? It’s pure genius.

It’s a perfectly reasonable tactic. If one person is playing in such a selfish manner and jeopardising the end score for the other players then a kick is definitely warranted.

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I prefer doing Easy/Medium Heists… so AFKers are bound to come up…

I sometimes don’t have issues here because I have a fairly strong Team…

I personally have NEVER kicked so guild mates can join! If they weren’t fast enough to join, I just do another when the current one is finished. I also have never been in a heist where that has happened either. I don’t join too many “stranger” heists anymore though. I have plenty of reliable people to heist with where I don’t have to join a random one.

I suggest to only heist with guild mates or find some good heisters you can trust. My entire friends list is nothing but fellow heisters from other guilds. :slight_smile:


Sorry,but we don’t know the reason why.tenor

Well it happened to me once. I don’t know why I was kicked because the Heist is already near to finish.
I was kicked by a player which is on “Russian” characters, of course, probably a Russian. They didn’t even give instructions before we started. That’s why I hate public Heists. I will be doing Heists with the guild now.

If you get kicked out near the end of a heist it probably means that the heist leader has let you and 3 other people do all the hard work just so he can kick you out and invite 4 friends/guildmates so they can get the rewards for free.
It really is a shame but public heists are just the worst.

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