Heist being kick out for not good reason

Yes I agree, what a shame for some players who do like that - such toxic people!

I constantly see heists now where the host leaves. How about a fix for that? Refund the ticket, maybe a small coin reward for the participants, and ban the person from starting another heist for a few days.


Was thinking about this. I think the kick system just needs updated. Any member should be able to request a kick (because the hosts often afk the most) and then if 2 members agree (the person who initiates the request +1 or +2 if deemed necessary) then that member is kicked. This would keep hosts from kicking for no reason and also allow members to remove the hosts.
This can also eliminate the random kicking from discrimination, I’ve heard certain people will kick members for reasons based on their guild or names (because they could imply a different orientation or nationality)

Inappropriate usernames are not aupposed to be allowed, but I do agree with your idea, accept, what if you have three AFKs?

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Oh it’s not inappropriate names I am referring too. Not at all. Sometimes there are people who boot because your guild lists a country that don’t like. Or there are LGBT guilds and they get removed too. Things like that.

So if more than a few people are afk, we could maybe add 2 types of kicks, kick that requires votes by other members (for people who do dumb things) or a second type. An AFK kick, this kick would send the person a notification “a member wishes to kick you for AFK reasons” if you don’t respond to the kick by clicking a “I am here” button after XX seconds it kicks for afk.
But this can only be an option if the player doesn’t do an action for like 30+ seconds, or trolls will spam this to bug people. Plenty of options to fix this in way better way than current.

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Oh, I understand know. Thanks for explaining the guild thing.

Hmm, yes, you have a good idea :+1:

The problem here is that there is no clear reason why you got kicked.
Maybe these few changes would help? I’m not asking for all of these, nor do I want all of these specific suggestions. But better tools and info would go a long way in improving the quality of Heist.

1: add a 20 second cooldown before a vacancy ( made due to a kick) can be filled. This would create a problem for guild mates trying to get in, but no big problem for AFK § people, as they weren’t doing anything good to begin with. The thief could snatch something in that time forcing heist owners to be more careful about who they kick.
2: add a 10 second delay before an offline player is shown as offline.
3: show who started a battle in chat when someone does start a Thief battle.
4: Only the host can start a Hideout battle. After 20 seconds pass after finding hideout, anyone can.
5: players whose heroes are involved in an ambush cannot be kicked out for 20 seconds. (Allows time for friendly heroes to finish looking for clues) But they can be kicked whenever the host feels like.
6: add a yellow light on people logged in but not in heist screen.
7: allow the host to reserve one or more slots for an invited player to join before the heist starts.
8: allow a player to leave a Heist. (vacancy can be filled immediantly.)I imagine ticket refund, but at a cost of, say, 50 heist tokens. Players who leave too many heists in a row receive a 4 hour ban (or something)

All of these changes are geared towards giving better info about player status and discourage frequent kicking. Also would reduce the dangers of an inactive Heist leader.

Yes it happened to me the other day only two of us were working in the heist lucky the AFK’s were standing watch. And the one person that was helping me Dident pull anyone off of watch to fight. It took a long amount of time & we won the heist. However it was an eye opening experience.

SMH Don’t wanna do that again!

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Why would you want to play a game with someone who doesn’t like you because of your country or affiliation with a group?

Seems to me that person is doing you a favor.

The third one is actually good. The last time a player pulled out heroes out of the valuables for a battle. When I asked who battled, everyone denied it. Sad.

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Are there reasons to get out of the heist screen? Because if none, then @Polaris, could you please discuss it to the team for a QoL Improvement?

Nah, you lose your ticket and tokens if they kick you for that. So it’s in no way a favor

But perfect example of the problem we are talking about. Just now I joined a heist, all 4 people AFKed and when I asked in the heist chat if the leader can kick the inactives, a Russian dude called me a *** (a word I can’t put here nor would I) and they continued to AFK. I stopped participating too, not going to do all the work for them.

The guy was Orangecat from sever guild on s16. I have no shame calling out people who are rude. :laughing:


Yo actually do get a ticket back if you were kicked out ( unless it got changed and I missed it)


Like someone said about adding a yellow dot for players playing but not on the heist, there could be a way for everyone to be able to kick, so
Green Dot, can’t be kicked
Yellow dot, can be kicked after 30 seconds or something?
Grey dot, AFK can be kicked
Yellow could be blue instead as it would be easier to see next to green


It would be nice if a heist creator could simply click a few boxes to describe the rules. Like one box would be “players should not pull characters off of gems for a mere ambush” … or more relevant to me since I only do super hard heists where guarding gems is dumb, “players should not guard gems.” The advantages to this idea are twofold: the heist creator would not have to type the same instructions for every heist (like in every super hard heist, you better not attack the hideout until you’ve done all the circles), and secondly, the game would know the rules and could warn a player if he was about to break a rule… And after a rule is broken, the guild chat could automatically propagate a message “player x has broken a rule”, making it easier for the creator to kick out that player. The only problematic player that I don’t see a cure for is the player who attacks the hideout too soon (either before all the circles are finished or without proper backup).

I think it would also be nice to have a “heist log” after the heist is finished so we can see who started the fights that should not have been started… And maybe get those blacklisted somehow.

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Yes, automatic posting of the different rules the heist leader has chosen might help.

Don’t join public heists, own fault

Actually, heist creators should make or post some rules before starting a heist. It helped me a lot if I create a heist. At the last part of my rules, I say, “Do not join if you can’t comply with the rules or else, you’ll get kicked.

I host numerous hiests every day in super hard. I immidiately post my copy and paste rules. "This is a blitz. Everyone searches. Noone gaurds. Will start with 4. " I kick without warning to anyone who is not moveing for more than 3 minutes (fights last 2). Anyone who jumps on a gem gets remined it’s a blitz and if they don’t move or respond they also get kicked. The key here is posting your rules and what you want to do.

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