Heist Items Origins

Even though I all ready did made the post 2 years ago. But in case there a new Heist mode comes out, I’ll be glad to edit. Anyway, here are the items you have to save in any mode in Heist. BTW, if anyone know if the rest of the items are from, let me know.

Adventure Cap (Up)
Arcade Cabinet (Tron Legacy)
Archery Target (Brave/Robin Hood)
Battle Bot
Bermuda Shorts (The Sword in the Stone)
Box Seats (The Muppets)
Broken Robot
Checkered Tablecloth (Lady and the Tramp)
Chipped Stien (Tangled)
Clockwork Mouse (The Great Mouse Detective)
Dunk Tank
Elasticycle (Incredibles 2)
Fish Tank
Frying Pan (The Princess And the Frog)
Goldfish Bowl (Pinocchio)
Gold Record (A Goofy Movie)
Green Bucket (Finding Dory)
Gumbo Pot (The Princess And the Frog)
Ice Cream Scoop (Zootopia)
Jazz Piano (The Aristocats)
Jeweled Collar (Oliver and Company)
Laugh Canister (Monsters Inc)
Limited Edition Vinyl (A Goofy Movie)
Microphone (Zootopia)
Pick Axe (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
Pink Bow (Mickey and Friends)
Play Poster (Newsies)
Princely Statue (The Little Mermaid)
Ratatouille Recipe (Ratatouille)
Reception Desk (Zootopia)
Spinach Puff Pan (The Emperor’s New Groove)
Spinning Wheel (Sleeping Beauty)
Sunken Ship (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Super Suit (The Incredibles)
Tavern Sign (Tangled)
The Claw (Toy Story)
The Incredible (The Incredibles)
Ticket Booth
Tiki Totem (The Enchanted Tiki Room)
Tool Box (Big Hero 6)
Torn Painting (Beauty and the Beast)
Tron Cabinet (Tron)
Tree Stump (Wreck it Ralph)
Undersea Cauldron (The Little Mermaid)
Worn Wooden Sign (Disney Parks)
Yellow Ballgown (Beauty and the Beast)


Oh, and correction, they are actually 48 items, not 47, I counted the total. If some people are mistaken.

Even you may let me know, did anyone find the item’s description what the items I don’t know are from? The items are Battle Bot, Blimp, Broken Robot, Dunk Tank, Fish Tank and Ticket Booth.

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