Hello.What about overstocked chips?again


Hello.Im already ask about that problem,and im sure people also want solve this problem.I have 114 Scar chips,and already 6 stars on this hero,what i gonna do with all this chips?i dont want make frindship disk,and all this chips become useless?

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Pfft just wait for seven star to come to game.



The more people complain of extra chip the more perblue will think about 7 star hero. So again unless you guys have +200 of each hero just kee those chips and use them for friendship missions…they stay in inventory and do not harm you if you have some extra chips… stop asking “what to do with them” cause then when perblue will introduce 7 star heroes you will all complain for that for having not enough chips…



The odd thing is he has something to do with them, his friendship disks.

This is like saying I have tons of excess gold but I don’t want to upgrade skills…not sure how to help you here

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Stop complaining about having to many chips…Not everyone has that many chips just use them on friendship missions and stop posting stuff cause then they are gonna make a 7 star



Someone close this topic immediately before per blue changes their mind about 7 stars.



Get the friendship to 15 and start pounding out memories. At present, its the only thing you can do with the excess chips.



Hellooooooo… Mods? Remember that thing is made for this exact situation? Just upgrade friend disks and stock for the mods of that hero.

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That’s only on server one, don’t go acting like it’s the obvious choice.



My point is that they are already working in a way to spend those extra chips so please be patient. ÂżOk?

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That doesn’t change anything. It’ll be at least March before all the servers get mods and invasion. Mods aren’t a solution right now, so it’s stupid to act like they’re clearly the answer.

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Why does it hurt to hold on to the chips until then



I’m sorry if you feel that way but the rest of us aren’t looking for a seventh star soon. Try spending the chips in friendship missions if it’s bothering you that much.



I’m new to this game DH’s I came from Dragon Soul & Pure Blue was the former owner and I believe developers of that game and I was unaware that hero’s stones or as you call them here chips cannot be sold for gold? Please explain what other items cannot be deliquedated for gold & why can’t the stones/chips like other items be sold? Just asking. I mean many of the stones/chips were bought outright with diamonds aka money $$$ and should be exchangeable for $$$ gold even at a somewhat reduced rate. I’ve seen some showing on the game 2 for I believe 80 diamonds? Or something like that. Why aren’t some sort of exchange available? Again just asking. @Polaris could you give me an answer from PurBlue? I don’t think it’s right for other gamers to start pileing on to us for asking a legitimate question. If others have an opinion fine. However if a question is asked to you or PurBlue it’s not appropriate for others to jump on a person asking for something. Again this question is directed to @Polaris to ask PurBlue. Not to another player that dosent like me asking a direct question.



I think you need to stop telling other people what they want to ask or complain about. Their question and opinion has as much value as yours. Stop trying to control what others ask about.

I too have been waiting for something for the extra chips. Having in some cases over 400 extras. Another similar game I play has a marketplace where you can trade extra hero chips. I don’t think asking for such a market is out of the question. It also gives people who have extra chips another incentive to collect ALL hero chips, which means opening more diamond crates which equates to more money for PB.

Again this is my opinion and it has value so stop telling people it doesn’t because of your own fears.

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Arw tou telling them to stop stating their opinion cuz of your own fears? Or is that just an opinion and therefore they do not have to listen…what if their opinion is that others opinions suck…then…? :thinking:



Oh please not the thread about extra chips. It took me like forever to upgrade 1 of my main heroes to 6 stars. I don’t ever want to go through that again. I have some spare chips but that’s fine by me. I can hold onto them because it hurts no one.

After the disaster called increase the cost, if Perblue decides to release a 7th star, I believe many will quit, including me.

Why is it so hard for people to hold onto their chips? I mean, you only have excess Scar chips, what about others?



Someone close this immediately!



People telling me “stop say people to stop their opinion” really??? I dont say to others to stop opinion but to stop complain. Cause everytime people complained about somthing perblue did even worst… and again i repeat… when people complained about too many extra chips what happened? A chip market? More way to use chip for other things? No. The only thing that happened was 6star hero. So again… all u complainig about having too much chip (i just made some math… i have over 5600+ extra chips in my inventory and still not complaining…) want perblue to make 7 star hero? And then? You will comlain cause to go 7star you re gonna need 250 or 300 chip for each hero and dont have enuogh? Instead of attack me try be smart and instead of think only for your own inventory try think what is best for the community. Lot of funny and smart people in this forum…

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@Polaris I have chips of heroes I don’t want. Why can’t I exchange them for gold? I don’t get it! Any other game you can sell items, badges etc. So why Am I forced to hold on to some parts of an undeveloped hero aka chips I want to sell off aka exchange? Why is there no rate of exchange aka shop? Could you ask PurBlue if diamonds are used to buy chips why can’t a gamer receive some rate of exchange in a shop? It equates to wasted resources that I could use towards if nothing else but stamina or hp/xp power whatever the terminology. It’s no harm in asking. Thanks @Polaris