Hello.What about overstocked chips?again


Mmmmm so you dont want extra chips. Cause having them into the inventory is soooooo annoying… everytime i open inventory i see all my extra chips screaming at me… wow… really annoying… perblue wont give us any chance to exchange chips for chips or to sell them for gold or xp bottle or anything else. People complained a lot few mpnths ago and what we got? An extra star on heroes… so again… really is so frustrating and annoying to have some extra chips in inventory?? They keep you awake during the night? Do you know you can use them for friendship disk? People dont want 7star heroes. No one wants. Not even players like me (all heros 6 star except gaston and almost all heroes with 5star disk so 0 need of chips and not even have any disk to use them) and for sure not f2p players…

So please think for the community not for you and your own inventory screaming at you… no one want 7star on heroes so understand why many players tell to not complain about that…


I could swear that the minute Perblue release a 7th star, all hell would break loose. Especially after that disaster called cost increase.

People are mad enough with that bad decision. And the number of those quit increases every single day. Add 1 more star? It’s like adding fuel into fire.

As for me, a f2p player, I have some spare chips as well but I don’t think that count as a problem like I said earlier. I don’t understand why people keep complaining about this situation.

Please keep them to yourself if you don’t want to see this game break because of number of players stop playing this game.

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Guys, Perblue promised not to release a 7th star, there’s no need to worry about that. :wink:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: we should all believe in them :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I want a 7th star. :joy:

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Just expressing my opinion like anyone else in here but eventually Like in any game you will end up with extra stock of some kind… many people pointed out that in other games they have the option to get rid of those extra stock in exchange of something, fair enough but is something they don’t have it here and after so many complaints they end up putting the 6th star and the way things are going it won’t take long for the 7th star to come around… I have loads of extra overstock ship on all my players and even like that it doesn’t hurt me having them around doesn’t affect me in any way… what many people aren’t realising is with all those complaints the game is becoming more expensive and hard to deal with and many good people are abandoning all thogether the game and some others are struggling for real to keep up with the new reality…
we are free to express our opinions and of course they are valid like any other opinion but if the result of such complaints is perblue making the game harder then is not worth it, just think about it before keeping pressing on the same subject for this long

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Yall need to shut up for real…they are just extra chips it shouldnt be that much of a problem for u to have in ur inventory


Settle down please.

Players have a legit right to ask for something to do with extra hero chips. Players have a legit right to ignore extra hero chips in their inventories. Let people express their opinions - keep it constructive and welcoming.


Holyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy haha


Why do I have a bad feeling about this? Could it be…?

Let’s hope it’s not about another star!


Well you get what you ask for so I hope you have enough overstock chips for all your players when the 7th star arrives… cheers


If that is true, there will be an even huger rage in player base…

I wonder how many players will quit? How many guilds will close because of that…

What a nightmare!


Just something to consider,

So if we take this outrageous number and then add an exhange program.

1 gold per chip= 5,600 gold.
5 gold per chip= 28,000 gold.

Still not much right?? Well let us make ir actually worthwhile to trade in gold.

100 gold per chip= 56,000 gold.

Still not very impressive. Not even one skill. Most of you who want this will not be happy with exchange rates this low. Lemme make it more bold.

1,000 gold per chip= 560,000

Hmmmm now that is better. But due to the gold increase, it still isnt enough.

10,000 gold per chip= 5,600,000

Oof wow that escalated quickly. Is the exchange rate too high? And at what cost? Is it low enough that Perblue should implement it? would it increade gold hoarding? That rests in your opinion.


You made a point. For sure i wont sell chips (if one day they will allow this) for 1000 gold… having 500k extra gold will change what? At level 105 with 500k you cant even level up all 4 skills for a single hero and even 5mln… yeah is a little amount but at that level is nothing really relevant. So unless perblue allow us to sell chips for 50k gold each even selling them for gold wouldnt change the game that much…


If it’s anything sell chips for gold I cant get gold for toffee now and I’ve chips I wish I could sell for gold but I don’t think you will entertain it.

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I just made a count myself, I have 8957 extra chips for 49 heroes. I’d love to be able to do something significant with them.

10k gold per chip would be TERRIBLE and I fully agree, with this sort of solution I wouldn’t use it either.
@Champion_David A respectable amount of gold, per chip, would be 80,000 - 120,000 this would represent a chips value of ~25/30 diamonds worth of gold.

I think that a shop that exchanges hero chips for badges would be best. Like Bazaar but with hero Chips as a currency.
Either that or, if 7 star is off the table, maybe something cosmetic could be added to Hero’s by applying extra chips?
One thing for sure, 30 or 50 chips to change an attuned mod is not going to help the stock situation much.

PS. I know MOKAONE and myself are in the minority with extremes of this problem, however the solution is important to all of us as. If top spending players feel like the game is stagnant and they are just stock piling stuff they don’t need then their interest will quickly wane and they will move on to other more progressive games.
Bottom line is we need continual review of resource stockpiling and solutions to it, to keep the game fresh.

Oh and BTW, I have a problem with memories too. I have screens of odds memories I don’t use and would really like to get rid of them and clear up my inventory.


Not all top players are annoyed by the overstock. Most everyone I speak to likes having them to be prepared for If/when’s! It is taking most of us so long to get all 50 to 6 star! I don’t mind that the few of mine that are just sit in inventory. There are a lot of things you can’t sell not just toon chips.


I was thinking about a shop that exchanges hero chips for currency of others shops like badge bazzar, Challenge shop, War shop, and memory market. But this shop has a cooldown every time you make a purchase that slot recharge every 3 hours and the market itself recharge like all the shops at a certain time all the slots (except the ones with cooldown)


Shhhh they’ll end up giving us 7* heroes