Here's how I havent lost a single Hard City Watch (mid-game)

I finished my first Normal CW run about 2 weeks ago, then switched to Hard. Right now my Team Level is 49, and I havent lost a single CW Hard run. In most runs, I don’t even lose any hero; I occasionally lose 1 hero. Here’s how I did it.
Note: I’m a F2P player, haven’t paid a cent in this game. This guide’s purpose is to share my experience to casual players who are having trouble finishing CW. There are other ways to finish CW with just 5 heroes, but F2P like myself will probably have a hard time getting those good 5 heroes to begin with.

Reset CW smartly:
From what I’ve heard, CW difficulty is based on the power of your top 5 heroes. That means:

  • Remove your Disk BEFORE resetting CW
  • Upgrade your skills or equip new badges AFTER resetting CW
  • Upgrade about 10-15 heroes evenly. 10 because you probably will need ~10 heroes to finish CW run. 15 because you need 15 for Coliseum anyway.

Hard mode enemy strength is the same as Normal, the only difference is that you dont regen after each wave. If your healer is good, Hard mode is no different from Normal. And if you find a particular Hard run is too difficult, you can still change it to Normal, although you can’t change it back to Hard for the rest of the run.

Set up your Core team and Situational heroes:
Your strong Core team will carry you on to the final wave. But the first few waves are easy, so your goal during the first few waves is to charge up energy for some situational heroes that you might need later on.
Personally, I rarely need these Situational heroes, just my Core 5 is enough to breeze through most CW, but I don’t want to get into ‘Oh sh*t I should’ve charged those heroes’ situation.

My Core team has 3 elements:

  1. Nick: every time Nick uses his White skill, its damage increases, up to 5 times; the bonus is kept between waves -> until the end of the watch. You want to Nick in your early fights and stack his White skill up to 5 as quickly as possible.

  2. Scare effects: fantastic damages always crit against Scared enemies -> Nick’s White skill will always crit. You want to always upgrade these scare skill levels to maximum first, then upgrade Nick’s white skill.

Sulley is available pretty early on from chapter 3 Elite campaign. He also has strong self heal which is super important because Hard CW doesnt let you heal between waves.
Mike (got him from a lucky Diamond crate) because of 2 reason: 1. Upgrading Mike to Purple is easier than upgrading Sully; 2. Mike is on pretty much every team on my server’s top 20 Coliseum.
Jack Skellington is another option. I haven’t upgraded him enough to be ready for CW yet. Will try him out later.
Zurg also works, but you don’t see him anywhere in top Coliseum, so building Zurg may not be a wise spending of resources in the long run. He’s very strong in CW, but personally I havent had any problem without Zurg, so I don’t see the point of building him.

NOTE: There’s an alternative tactic based on Study effect instead of Scare. Normal damage always crit against Studied enemies, so you can put Baymax and Barbossa together with a strong AoE Normal damage dealer like Jack Sparrow. The upside is that Baymax, Barbossa and Jack Sparrow are all very good in PvP (as of March 2019), much more worthy of your money to invest in them. The downside is Baymax and Barbossa are harder to get than Sulley. As a F2P player, I haven’t got the chance to try them out, but I expect this tactic to be just as effective.

  1. Mickey (at least Purple) and Miguel:
    Miguel can passively heal everyone on your team over time. Meaning: if you’re sure that you’re going to finish the wave, you can just stop using white skills and let Miguel heal everyone to 100% by the end of the wave while generating free energy. I once finished a Hard CW run without ever using any heal ability other than Miguel’s passive healing.
    Another hero that has passive team-wide healing is Woody, but I haven’t got him yet to test his effectiveness. In any case, Woody doesn’t give free energy to teammates, which is the main goal of the first few waves.
    Miguel weakness is that he needs time to set up his notes to start healing. So if you start a fight with 2-3 heroes under 100% HP, Miguel might not have time to set up his healing notes before they get killed. That’s the reason I have…
    Mickey, who has:
  • Very strong single target heal;
  • At Purple, his White skill also give fairly strong team-wide healing and HUGE damage buff. You can stack up this damage buff and Scare effect to wipe out whole enemy team in 2 seconds.
  • Easier to upgrade to Purple than Miguel.

In early waves, use Miguel and Nick in every fight. Don’t use white skills of heroes you’re charging up, but use the white skills of Nick, Miguel and Tank freely. Tank because he generates energy quick anyway; Nick because he needs to stack up his Lemming; Miguel because his white skill also gives others energy. In some cases, you may want to kill enemies a bit more slowly so Miguel has time to heal and charge up teammate’s energy.
If 2 heroes end up with less than 90% HP, retry the wave.

Example of good Situational heroes to charge up:

  • Gaston or Mr. Incredible: you can use the CC just before an enemy’s energy bar is full, and hopefully kill him before he wakes up and do big damage to your team.
  • Yax or Violet: you might need them if the enemy team has strong team-wide damage.
  • Vanellope: the burst aoe Fantastic damage is good (remember Scare?). Other strong AoE such as Jack Sparrow or Merida are also good.
  • You may also want Dash to snipe out a troublesome enemy. Since Dash targets a random target, you can just retry the wave until he hits your desired target.

A bad hero to build for CW would be Frozone. If I want a team-wide CC, I just use Gaston instead. Here’s why:

  • Gaston is very strong hero over all. Highest basic damage in game (Calhoun disk). Has 2 lives. You see Gaston everywhere in Coliseum. Frozone doesnt appear anywhere at the top 50 Coliseum.
  • Frozone CC skills cost a lot of gold to upgrade, and upgrading them doesn’t increase his damage at all, only reducing the chance for the freeze to fail. But you will meet higher-level enemies at later waves anyway, so it doesn’t matter that much.
    In general, building Frozone is just a huge waste of gold and badges and with minimal benefit. There are better heroes that can do AoE CC.

Ralph is an odd duck. On the one hand, he has very good CC for a tank, you can see Ralph quite often in Coliseum. On the other hand, his HP sucks (Gaston has comparable CC, more damage, and more survival), and costs a HUGE lot of gold to keep his skill level up. For now, I’m using other tanks because Ralph is just too expensive to keep up.

If Miguel isn’t able to keep everyone up anymore (usually from the 3rd district), switch Mickey (at least Purple) in, or use both healers to make sure that your team ends each wave with full or near full HP. The team then should look like this:

Sulley, Mickey, Mike, Nick + Gaston/Miguel/Situational hero.
The perfect white skill combo: Mickey (increase all dmg by 50%) -> Sulley (scare) -> Nick + Mike for huge AoE damage. Most of the time, I don’t even use this combo because it kills enemies too fast, no time to recharge energy before the next fight.

Having 2 healers may drag the fight out longer, but that’s also the beauty of it: Miguel has more time to bring everyone up to full HP full Energy.

I personally really like Gaston. He has high damage, high survival and good CC. When Sulley is taking too much damage to handle, I can just use Gaston’s white skill to jump in and become the new front-line tank while Sulley heals up.


A nice read for newer players and a nice trick for old dogs. Well done sir, have an upvote :smiley: We definitely need more guides

Mike + Sulley is pretty much iconic because of the way they boost each other. It’s also incredibly versatile, it combines a wall of hp, gigantic damage and multiple stuns. Just something worth mentioning.

And Zurg is a monster, all the way. He needs to be set up and is very squishy, but can destroy everything in his path once he gets going. If you’ve never tried Sulley Woody Zurg Mickey combo, oh it’s so satisfying.


Frozone in city watch has saved my life before.

Agree with all this, but once you unlock sulley/woody disk, you will have a good healer for watch :wink:

Violet is a good one and so is Jack Jack.


Zurg is actually very useful in city watch. You can keep his energy full headed into each battle and wipe out the opposing team very quickly

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What a great guide! This gives me more confidence to actually try out Hard mode!


Lol i just only use 5 heroes


You mind sharing which 5?

May wife is dominating cw everysingle day…
Shes now using raids every other day…

Jack spparow(nick disc), mickey(sulley disc), sulley (woody disc), olaf and baymax

Auto skills all throughout 15 stages…

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Sulley with Woody disk I assume?

Any disk required?
I’m still at chapter 8 of the Normal campaign, so no Baymax yet, but I see how this comp should work.

Any reason for Jack Sparrow? I’d think Mike would fit better.

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Reason for jack sp
Hes the only one who is damaging a lot to enemies…

Olaf for tank…

Sulley, mickey and baymax keeping the team alive…

Are those teams consistent? I mean, I see feedbacks saying that when they upgrade heroes, they lose power. For example, heroes are effective in purple rarity, but they get less effective when they get to orange rarity? If that is true, then we should specify heroes that are effective in specific colors.

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By the way, which among Nick Wilde, Emperor Zurg, and Jack Sparrow is the King of City Watch?


Two things - one, enhancements don’t go through when you rank up, all of the badges return to their base state and you get some points back (but not gold), that’s the power loss. Secondly, some enhancements can give you a lot of stats, but because it doesn’t go through the promotion, it means that new set of badges could give you a different set of advantages. Hence the character might have his focus switched a bit, for example not as high armor but everything else gets better.

Out of the three, I consider Nick the worst because he is the slowest to snowball through the enemy teams. Then Zurg, because he requires a specific team to work with - very squishy unless heavy Orange so someone to protect, a healer, and a scarer. And the only way you could help Jack would be damage boost or study, so Baymax (meh, single target) or Barbossa (also meh, he charges his active for way too long, you’d be better off with Tia Dalma disc), thus first place.

Not that I use any of them on a daily basis, I hate mainstream heroes ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Well for now shes consistent at max p2… tl 70…

I am tl 105
O3 sulley
O2 nick

Been kicking asses in cw since the beginning i guess lols i not having a hard time completeng it… even if it is for the contest, still hitting the 1m points… take note, im a f2p since the beginning…

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For me, Zurg is the worst. He’s too squishy to be useful. In any case, you don’t see any Zurg in top Arena or top Coliseum, so investing gold and badges in him is probably a bad choice.

Nick is my favourite, mostly because I got a lucky Diamond crate that gave me Mike, and it’s pretty easy to get Sulley early on. One single Sulley -> Nick combo is enough to wipe out a CW wave for me. But then Both Sulley and Nick are not very good in PvP, so you may want Jack Sparrow instead.

For Jack Sparrow, you will need the Study effect (instead of Scare) to do crit Normal damage. That means Baymax and/or Barbossa. Baymax is good for keeping the team alive while healer charges up energy. Barbosa is good because he can Study the whole team (Baymax only 1 target). I haven’t got Baymax nor Barbossa yet, so I haven’t got a chance to try this strategy out, but all 3 of them are Very good in PvP, so if you can, go for this option.


Tbh I just run my arena team and I’m perfectly fine. Sulley(woody), Hades(jack), mike(sulley), wall e(flynn), scar(mal). Wall e charges energy quicker than miguel and the extra energy storage from flynn disk is extremely useful in city watch as it allows u to carry over more and potentially get to use white skill twice and survive when otherwise u could only use it once and lost a valuable hero. With sulley’s woody disk I don’t have any need for an additional healer.

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