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A few? If everyone had equal stats 80% of the game would need kit changes. Who am I going to pick, alice who knocks people back and gets some hp or rose who applies 40,000 different debuffs, cleanses, does true damage, etc.? Varying stat buffs through disks, etc. are the only thing keeping older heroes in the game, so to speak. Flik is a good example.

@TheGrillFather This is super exciting yall are tackling this!!

If I may, please revisit the changes yall made to Joy’s red skill. In my opinion it’s the single most frustrating skill in the entire game - 25 seconds is just WAY too long. It’s worse than the eda/shere issue in my opinion - creating insane stall outs that are just ridiculously dull and discouraging.

Then let’s make them equal for everyone. Shouldn’t this solve your question? :thinking::thinking::thinking: Or do you perhaps mean that hero has different passive red skill stats? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Badges : Red Skill : Disk = 1 : 1 : 1 for Stats
That´s what I said and would work the best.

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Yeah that’s what I meant
The roster would be technically balanced if everyone had trillions of damage and the HP to survive some of these hits, but it would entirely rely on maxing disks…

Not sure if it’s a controversial opinion or not, but I do think that disks should not have so big numbers. It’s a bit weird when a character with 5B base HP gets a tiny item bonus of 6T HP. I mean, shouldn’t base stats be base stats? Same with skill numbers. It just doesn’t make much sense to me when toons deal 1000X more damage than they can can handle. I mean, Kuzco gives trillions of HP? Easy, Shere Khan will deal…how are those called even? Quadrillions? In one hit.


I would assume most would agree, I don’t really like how I can promote multiple heroes to max rank during get more stamina events (which is really nice btw, please don’t take this out of context) but even if they’re the broken ones they’re completely unusable just because I can’t level the disk right away.
If they made disk power a lot more accessible this would be partially mitigated, but I’d still rather not have this big of a difference from no disk to max disk regardless of everything else.
Also cause even then anyone who doesn’t have HP in disks and red skill would still be completely screwed.


Yeah, careful what you ask for here loool. Red skills being the primary method of hero stats would be WAY more pay to win than the current disk power approach, assuming the game maintains at least a moderate level of power creep - which is generally required just to incentivize new heroes, spending, and keeping the game feeling fresh.

I do agree though that in a “perfect” version of the game where everything is balanced - disk power would definitely be the limiting factor on older heroes and maintaining a larger roster in general.

I meant more what Numi said, fair distribution between all 3. Maybe not exactly 1:1:1, but also not such a massive jump from either disk level or red skill level…

Also I wouldn’t worry too much about future power creep. Not that it won’t happen, that would be surprising, but with a new hero schedule being one every 8 weeks it’ll take ages for major power creep to be noticeable again if we assume all the current heroes are balanced properly. A single hero being stronger than the rest (assuming it’s not a literal ×1000 increase but I don’t think it’ll happen again after they acknowledged it’s not healthy and are focusing on balance exactly because of it) won’t really be making a lot of older heroes outdated, cause you still need a bunch more heroes to be able to compete.

It´s not, I have been saying this for well over 4 months now without a proper response.

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would you be working now in categorizing heroes emerald subclass to different tiers (1,2,3). i thought it was the way older heroes can catch up to newer ones statwise.

Possibly! The tier system is something we went back and forth with for a while, as it creates more work for us as we continued refreshing heroes. However, hopefully now that we’re sitting down to tackle hero balancing, it’s something we can revisit and maintain without too many issues long term!

Whichever direction we go, these changes will be big and uncomfortable at first. We are so extremely grateful and excited for all this initial feedback and discourse, because your thoughts matter to us! We hope that keeping you in the loop as we get deeper into this hero balance project will help us reach our goals to keep the game fun and healthy!


So, how long do you expect to complete this hero balance? 6 months at most? Or even longer?:thinking::thinking::thinking:

We’re not certain yet! So far our Design team has looked into a potential solution that could make the changes pretty straightforward, but with such a huge variety in different kits and skills, we anticipate nothing is really as straightforward as it seems!


A little off topic, but I hope I could complete my friend campaigns before the difficulty is reversed :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Hopefully things can go smoothly, the balancing I mean. And people won’t go crazy on forum :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: i remember the time Randall was nerfed… It was hell

Oh and 1 more thing, while you guys work on the balance, do you have time for other improvements? I see a lot of people request for all elite campaign raid, campaign quick fight (including me), market refresh… And it would be sad for those things to be delayed

Better don’t nerf any heroes, if you’re release buffs for heroes, just focus on buffs, and not 180° meta for no reason. Buff all heroes to the same power degree as current top heroes. Nobody’s resources will be hurt, and more heroes will be viable.

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well, the best solution would be for everyone to have at least similar numbers on everything - it´s not needed to be the same, but at least most 1-2x, not 10x or even 1000x.

Sadly nerfs are definitely needed. Because badges just won´t give more stats so they can be at some balance with disks and red skills.
It´s the latter two that need a nerf instead.


Yeah this is fair, I would agree that heroes that apply less debuffs/buffs and don’t have damage multipliers (by which I mean stuff like Randall’s purple, which increases the damage he does to scared enemies by currently 400%) or self stat buffs can deserve somewhat bigger scalings, just not as much as it is rn

What badges?!
Refreshes are doing the job.

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